New York Surgeon Kills Patient; Falsifies the Medical Record; Gets 60 days in Jail

Dr Oleg A Davie & victim Isel Peneda

What killed Isel Peneda? The God Complex of Oleg Davie

In the city of Brooklyn a doctor changed his “not guilty” plea to “guilty” this week, in a criminal malpractice case where the plastic surgeon botched a liposuction procedure that he should never have performed in the first place.

Investigators discovered what Doctor Oleg Davie, age 53, eventually admitted in Brooklyn Supreme Court, namely, that he falsified the medical chart after his patient’s death, in order to hide his reckless disregard for a pre-existing heart condition. Specifically, he deleted the part of the patient history that referenced she had undergone a heart transplant 8 years earlier.

Isel Pineda, age 51, collapsed and died in the medical office after her operation in 2012. At that time, Davie lied to the Paramedics as they attempted to revive her, saying she had no known heart history. The Paramedics were not fooled – they could see the well-healed surgical scar running the length of her chest.

Cosmetic surgery is considered off limits for heart patients because the anesthesia can cause serious complications.

“This woman should not have been operated on — period,” said one plastic surgeon who consults for the state. “You don’t screw around with people like this. He knew she had a heart transplant. He should have just said no.”

At the end of the trial, Prosecutor Patrick Cappock asked Davie the following question: “You knew she had a heart condition but you performed the surgery anyway, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” Davie replied.

A lawyer representing Pineda’s family said they would not comment on the ridiculous 60-day sentence, but last year her ex-husband, Jeffrey Mayer said, “She was stunning. She would walk into a room and the music would stop.”

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Our Observations:

It is more than just interesting that the New York State Department of Health had already restricted Davie to basic cosmetic medicine in 2011. He ignored the order.

Medical maniac Davie had such a reputation of misconduct that the state limited his practice to minor cosmetic procedures, such as wart removal and Botox injections.

The state’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct has cited Davie in seven cases for negligence; lying about cosmetic treatments; improper treatment and filing false reports. He was fined $100,000 and put on probation for three years. He also faces multiple malpractice suits by women who have reported laser burns and permanent scarring.

Davie has never been a board-certified plastic surgeon. But none of this has stopped him from performing operations he does not know how to do.

Incidentally, as of last week, Davie’s office was still taking appointments for future liposuction consultations.

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