40 More MDs Found Guilty Last Week: This One a ‘Drugs for Sex’ Idiot

Dr Joshua Baron

Dr Joshua Baron

In the city of Chicago yet another physician has managed to step into deep doo-doo – this one because he thought it was cool to trade drugs in exchange for sexual encounters.

Joshua D. Baron MD, age 40, admitted in federal court that between the years 2006-2011 he traded thousands of doses of narcotics to as many as 16 different women.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago, Baron confessed that he would routinely post  ads on Craigslist offering to trade a variety of drugs for sex with strangers.

Baron was actually arrested in 2011 during an undercover operation. According to the court record, he showed up at an agreed upon location expecting to meet a woman for an illicit encounter. The plan was to trade an Adderall prescription for sex. He was instead greeted by a DEA/Chicago police task force.

Until his arrest Baron, a neurology specialist, treated children at St. Anthony’s Hospital; Stroger Hospital and Rush University Medical Center. His medical license and DEA registration were revoked in 2011.

Baron, who lives in Forest Park, is scheduled to be sentenced in June, by U.S. District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer. He could be sent to federal prison for 20 years.

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Our Observations:

Before he decided upon a life of crime, Baron MD graduated from University of Massachusetts, one of the finest medical schools on earth. We find it just a little interesting that – because he graduated in 2000 – he actually spent more time in school than he did as a physician before he was arrested.

And people wonder why we call these nuts lab coat lunatics.

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