Sadder Than Expected; Funnier Than it Ought to be . . .


National Healthcare Reform? Now that’s a complex subject. But here’s an idea: Why don’t we just start by weeding out the lunatics?

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8 thoughts on “Sadder Than Expected; Funnier Than it Ought to be . . .

  1. leejcaroll says:

    Public citizen has estimated that 15% of docs commit 85% of the malpractice. Health reform and “tort reform”. Funny, exactly, how they won’t just clean up their profession. They don’t seem to get that it not only benefits patients but all docs when they get rid of the bad apples.

    • Hi, Lee –

      You are so right. I have not, in 30 years of research, ever understood why physicians as a profession, believe it is in their best interest to stay “quiet” about the stunning volume of crime going on around them by their peers. And far, far too many do.

      All it can possibly do is cause the citizenry to develop a healthy dose of distrust toward traditional health care. And we certainly do: just look at the millions of people who seek out alternative medicine, because they simply have lost trust in the allopathic care.

      2,500 doctors a YEAR are convicted of felony-level crimes. Another 4000-5000 are found responsible for lesser misbehavior in civil actions.

      Thanks so much for writing.

      • marian says:

        I love this website, but I think you should stop calling these docs all “lunatics” & “dumb”. Those who commit felony-level Medicare fraud for years are pretty intelligent, but morally bankrupt, and their number is increasing-at least in California. I get the daily hot sheet from the Medical Board of California. I am astonished that while in prison, these MD licenses are merely suspended, not revoked.

      • Marian –

        Point 1:
        Far too many citizens are under the loopy impression that physicians necessarily have higher IQs than their patients. That is demonstrably untrue. Multiple studies show the typical MD IQ range is 115-129. And while those numbers are nothing to sniff at, you’ll find millions of ordinary folks in the same range or higher, delivering mail; selling real estate; performing office work and/or working behind the counter at Poco Taco.

        There are almost exactly 720,000 practicing physicians in this country – at least 30% of whom have similar IQs of dock workers and gardeners, truck drivers, farmers and waitresses.

        Point 2: As nearly as I can tell, there are 389 doctors serving either life-terms, or on death row. There are well over 7,200 in prison for other crimes. Anybody blessed enough to graduate from med school and then end up in prison is – to our mind – dumber than a bag of bricks.

        Point 3:
        We do not in any way call “all” physicians on our site either “lunatics” or “dumb.” But when 2,500 doctors each year are convicted of drug-running; illegal surgeries; patient rape; child sexual assault and wife murder, I can’t think of a better adjective for them than flat-out lab coat lunatics. Can you?

        Thank you for writing.

  2. smith says:

    doctors are a gift to humans without them you and your families wouldnt be where they are now point blank there will always be bad apples in a basket not matter what u do

    • Smith –

      You sound like someone in serious need of an education. We’ll start with two irrefutable points of fact:

      “Doctors are a gift to humans.”

      Answer: ETHICAL doctors are a gift to humans. Criminal Doctors are a plague to society.

      “There will always be bad apples in a basket not matter what u do.”

      Answer: So what does that mean? That you give up and allow the bad apples to do their dirty deed?

      Bad apples – like bad doctors – need to be handled in identical ways: Just empty the trash.

  3. smith says:

    maybe you cant post any of all the good doctors do around the world or US on ur page because it wouldnt fit …..

    • Society does not need another website yammering about how wonderful doctors are. There are a million of them out there.

      What’s needed is a steady, honest, non-emotional source for all the damage errant physicians do, and NAME NAMES.

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