Child Rapist Doctor Wants Out of Jail: ‘My Trial Wasn’t Fair’




'Worst child rapist in U.S. history - a doctor.'

‘Worst child rapist in U.S. history – a doctor.’

In Wilmington Delaware a physician found guilty two years ago of raping dozens of children has filed an appeal for a new trial.

Doctor Earl Bradley claims that he was denied the right to hire his own attorney after law enforcement put a hold on his bank accounts. He was instead assigned a public defender.

Child Rape

Bradley, age 60, was sentenced to 14 life sentences for raping and sexually abusing hundreds of – and possibly as many as 7,000 – child patients, after his conviction in 2011.

The Delaware Supreme Court has already rejected an appeal that detectives illegally seized videotapes of Bradley assaulting patients, whose average age was three.

Here’s more:

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Our Observations:

Isn’t it interesting that lab coat lunatic Bradley is not arguing in his appeal, that the doctor on the video raping infants was not him.

Why not?

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