Las Vegas MD Gets Life in Prison

Found guilty of 27 counts of Patient Neglect, Theft and 1 Murder


In the halls of medicine well call them 'Third World Assassins.' And they come here by the thousands.

In the halls of medicine we call them ‘Third World Assassins.’ And they come here by the thousands.

The Las Vegas physician found guilty of Murder last July has been sentenced to life in prison in the state of Nevada.

Doctor Dipak Desai, now age 63, was sentenced October 24 after having been found guilty of second degree murder. His habit of re-using syringes on multiple patients in his endoscopic examination clinic resulted in nine patients contracting hepatitis-C, and one death.

Desai, the owner of the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada, infected more than 100 patients  in 2007 and 2008. It is considered the single worst case of a physician-caused disease outbreak in U.S. history.

Of those patients, 77-year-old Rodolfo Meana died as a result of the disease, which, court documents say, were genetically linked to Desai’s clinic.

The disgraced physician was sentenced by  Superior Court Judge Valerie Adair, in Clark County.

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Our Observation:

The ugly fact is that thousands of foreign national MDs come to this country to game the porous health care system; amass wealth and put innocent citizens’ lives at risk.

There is no true oversight of these people whatsoever.

Desai, an emigrant of India, was a gastroenterology specialist. He is a graduate of Gujarat University / Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Medical College in India.

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