Florida MD Who Faked His Death Has Been Found and Arrested

Dr Robert Ignasiak

Dr Robert Ignasiak alive & well

A Walton County physician who faked his own death while awaiting trial has been found and captured in the city of Coral Springs.

Doctor Robert Ignasiak, age 58, was taken into custody earlier this week by the Coral Springs Police Department, on a federal warrant for pre-trial release violation.

Ignasiak was found guilty in November, 2009, of 43 counts of narcotic distribution. He is believed responsible for at least two patient deaths.

He was sentenced to 24 years in federal prison, but the case was overturned on a technicality in May, 2012, and he was released.

Before his second trial began, the wayward doctor faked his own death and took off. He was reported missing to the Walton County Sheriff’s last November. Blood stains and a suicide note were found in his car.

Ignasiak is currently in the Broward County Jail awaiting extradition.

Here’s another view of this strange case:  http://www.wmbb.com/story/20272557/federal-authorities-believe-missing-freeport-doctor-faked-own-death

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