Another Miscreant MD Goes Down: This One In Indiana

In Indianapolis a physician who was found guilty of Sexual Assault last year seems wholly incapable of toeing any ethical line whatsoever. In fact, the man is proving to be a true menace to society.

Dr Segun Rasaki 2


According to a press release by the District Attorney’s office in Marion County, Doctor Segun Rasaki, age 50, is being charged yet again for serious criminal misbehavior –  this time, two dozen felonies in the realm of narcotic distribution.

Rasaki was arrested after an undercover Drug Enforcement Administration officer pretending to be a patient, went to his clinic in Indianapolis, and was prescribed narcotics for no medical reason whatsoever. The agent’s visit was one aspect of an investigation into the errant MD’s behavior that started in 2009. At that time, law enforcement was tipped off by local pharmacists who noticed a disturbing pattern in Rasaki’s prescription routine.

Investigators also believe that Rasaki has committed repeated insurance fraud, by submitting false claims to Blue Cross.

Rasaki, who apparently has been writing bogus prescriptions with no active medical license, is also believed to have filed duplicate billings,  scammed proper medical billing coding, and billing for patient examinations that never occurred.

Rasaki was convicted of Sexual Assault last summer after a number of adult female patients reported his inappropriate touching. Some of the women testified that the doctor told them they needed vaginal exams every 30 days.

Here’s a bit more on this lab coat lunatic:

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Our Observation:

So who do you blame: The MD who can’t seem to walk across the street without committing a crime? Or an imbecilic U.S. non-policy that allows anybody with a medical degree to set up shop unsupervised?

Segun Rasaki is the pluperfect example of a Third World Assassin.

He attended the University Of Lagos, College of Medicine in Nigeria and graduated 1987.

He then emigrated to the United States and – at some point – found plundering the system and its patients was a terrific way to amass wealth while simultaneously tickling his perversions.

Why does this happen? Simple. Americans foolishly allow physicians to police themselves.

So take a real good look around at our MedicalMiscreant website.

Then tell us how well this Twilight Zone soap opera is working out for us.

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One thought on “Another Miscreant MD Goes Down: This One In Indiana

  1. Chase Simpson says:

    Segun Rasaki – My mom was a patient and she died from a disease. This doctor kept giving her all these medications. I’m only 14 and she died in 2011. Me and my grandpa were the very first people to submit a report about it. Once she died we called a lawyer and sued the doctor. Guess what, we got a bad lawyer and once we sued him and our lawyer was on the case. Everybody else sued him and made all these lawsuits. To me he deserves to die. It’s painful without a mom. Really painful.

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