Doctor Who Killed Wife in Kentucky Sets Up New Clinic in Canada. Cool, Huh?

A physician who was convicted of killing his wife 3 years ago in the United States has now been permitted to open a new medical practice in Sydney Nova Scotia. Trust us: you’ve just got to love the perks we give healthcare criminals.

Dr Steveb Hall

“The doctor was infatuated with another woman, who worked in the clinic.” (Prosecutor Richie Bottoms)

Doctor Steven Hall, a general practitioner, ran over his wife Isabel with a pontoon boat on Herrington Lake in Kentucky in May 2009, as the couple was celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary. She died almost immediately.

Isabel Lynn Hall

Isabel Hall “suffered terrible injuries to her head and face.” (Kentucky State Police)

A Kentucky Superior Court jury found Hall, age 49, guilty of second degree Manslaughter, and he was sentenced to 5 years in prison. But he served a scant 30 months before being released because, well, he wears a lab coat at work, don’t you know. Doctors are special.

When questioned by police on the day in question, Hall admitted that he’d made a crude remark about another woman’s breasts that day at the lake, sending his wife, age 50, into a rage. She attacked him, he said, and he pushed her overboard.

She was in the water in front of the boat screaming, “Help. He’s trying to kill me!” when he ran over her. Hall admitted to police that he revved the boat engine to scare her. He maintained that he accidentally ran over her instead.

But according to court documents, 5 witnesses told police that Hall put the boat into “full throttle” toward his wife. She suffered deep wounds to her head when the propeller hit her, as well as cuts to her left hand and left forearm.

Here’s another view of this case:

*          *          *

Our Observation:

The only aspect of this bizarre soap opera more insane than a doctor chopping up his wife with a boat propeller, is the fact that society allows governments to enable these undisciplined dimwits, by relicensing them again and again.

Trust us: the next lady in his life will think he’s quite the lab-coat catch.


2 thoughts on “Doctor Who Killed Wife in Kentucky Sets Up New Clinic in Canada. Cool, Huh?

  1. Benedict says:

    Sydney Australia? Nope sorry he isn’t registered down under. Maybe its Sydney, Nova Scotia?

    • Hey, Benedict –

      I thank you so much for advising me of my error. I did some homework and corrected the text immediately.

      You are 100% right. The ‘Sidney’ location where this errant physician set up a clinic is indeed in Nova Scotia, not Australia.

      Thanks for writing.

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