Alabama Doctor Guilty of Murder

In the state capital of Montgomery a circuit court jury needed less than two hours today to find a doctor guilty of Murder in a case that happened two years ago.

Dr Zev-David Nash, Serena English, Jeremy Riley Murder plot

Dr David Nash, Serena English, Jeremy Riley Murder-for-hire plot

Doctor Zev-David Nash, age 54, was convicted of Capital Murder for-hire in a trial presided over by Judge Charles Price. During the trial the prosecution was able to prove that Nash, along with his girlfriend Serena English, had paid drug pusher Jeremy Riley and a cousin the sum of $9,000 to kill a man named Ralph McNeil.

Investigators learned that Serena English was in middle of contentious child custody dispute with McNeil. His body was discovered outside of his trailer in January, 2011. He had been shot and stabbed multiple times.

This isn’t the first time Nash has gotten into deep trouble. In 2005 the Alabama State Medical Board revoked his medical license after learning that he had been administering fake flu shots to his patients.  The Board found the doctor was substituting a worthless saline solution for flu vaccine. His antics were exposed during a sting operation.

English and Jeremy Riley had already pleaded guilty, and English testified as a key witness in the trial of the madcap MD.

Here’s a bit more on this medical maniac:

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How many 'bad doctors' did you hear about during the Healthcare Reform debates?  Zero

How many ‘bad doctors’ did you hear about during the Healthcare Reform debates? Zero

Our Observations:

Nincompoop Nash is an excellent example of what we in healthcare call Lab Coat Lunatics.

He graduated from Albert Einstein College Of Medicine of Yeshiva University in 1987 with a specialty in internal medicine. At some point in his young career he realized – as so many thousands of other new physicians do – that the quickest path to wealth is plundering the system and thumbing your nose at ethical patient care. In a saner healthcare system, this man would have been locked up 8 years ago.


5 thoughts on “Alabama Doctor Guilty of Murder

  1. Rebecca Hirsh. says:

    Zev, You tried to have me killed twice in our marriage. You will DIE in prison. JUSTICE! Mr. McNeil RIP.

  2. Lt. Gary Swindle says:

    He fooled me, Rebecca. I thought he was an up standing person… I’m sorry you had to go through whatever you went through with him. If I would have known, I would have put him in jail myself !

  3. Rebecca Wolf Hirsh says:

    Lt. Gary :Sir when I contacted you regarding Zev. You referred to me as a “scorned woman”. I think not!

  4. Skin Planet says:

    Sure you bet…his wife was also up to her eyeballs in what she knew waaay back about ole Zev, even back in 2003 or so , when she was hanging around Memphis TN having ole Zev even coming in town visiting her dope smoking/pill popping self,even messing around with some questionable black guys known to be users. Even invoked the “fate” of “Critterman” in threatening a friend of mine. If Zev was threatening his wife, why would she allow him to come to Memphis TN ? Her hands aren’t clean folks..sorry, we know too much to believe this married to another “doc”, dealing in “pain management”, aka opiod distribution through numerous state “clinics”. Something smells here. Speculation, er, of course…..”Rebb”

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