London MD Gets Slapped by the Court Because of He Liked to Slap Patients’ Bottoms

In England, a physician who was allowed to continue treating patients even after being found guilty of two patient sexual assaults, has finally had his medical license revoked.

After a trial last week at Basildon Crown Court, Doctor Rajinder Aggarwal, age 58, was convicted of slapping two women on the bottoms during medical examinations and interrogating them repeatedly about their sex lives.

Aggarwal was believed to have actually attacked four women during a two-month period beginning in December 2006. At that time he was employed by East London’s Homerton Hospital as well as Bluebell Surgery Center n South Ockendon. He was found not guilty of two of the charges.

In 2009, Aggarwal was ordered to perform nine months of community service, of which 80 hours would be without pay.

Dr Rajinder Aggarwal

Dr Rajinder Aggarwal

But he has now been removed from the British physician register by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester, having been found guilty of inappropriate behavior towards women.

Panel chairman Doctor Malcolm Phillips said this:

“Central to our decision was the seriousness of Doctor Aggarwal’s misconduct, and the repetitive nature of his behavior towards female patients.  This behavior is incompatible with his continued registration as a doctor.”

Here’s more:

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Our Observation:

Third World Assassins can be found anywhere, even in Great Britain. But unlike the USA, England is not afraid to revoke bad doctors’ medical licenses. We could learn from them, but we don’t.



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