Medical Maniac Who Drugged Michael Jackson Could Be Released in Two Months


Murray in L.A. courtroom

Doctor Conrad Murray, now in jail for the Involuntary Manslaughter of Michael Jackson, could be free to walk the streets yet again as soon as late October.

You recall mad-man Murray, we’re sure. He is the one found guilty in November 2011 of administering lethal doses of the surgical drug Propofol to Jackson, in an outrageous collaboration between doctor and patient to help Jackson sleep.

The L.A. District Attorney’s prosecutors proved at trial that Murray caused the death of Jackson by enabling Jackson’s ongoing drug habit and grossly abusing his position as a physician. Court records show Murray was ordering Propofol by the gallon.

Murray was originally sentenced to a 4-year state prison term in California, but due to overcrowding, has served his time in county jail. He is expected to be released early based on California’s overcrowded jail system as well as his “good behavior” status.

Here’s a bit more on this poster child for doctor drug-running:

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