Indian Doctor Wanted by Interpol for Murder

Interpol art

Doctor Omana Edadan has been elevated to Most Wanted status by Interpol for extradition to Tamil Nadu, India for allegedly committing crimes against human life and health. This descriptive category, “Crime against human life and health” includes, but is not limited to; murder, manslaughter, torture, aggravated assault, battery, the intentional infliction of a grave injury, or the intentional transfer of a communicable infectious disease (STD, HIV).

Dr Omana Edadan

Dr Omana Edadan

According to a Tamil Nadu Crime Branch investigation, Omana is believed to have poisoned a man and cut the body into pieces; packing the pieces of the man’s body into a suitcase; and hiring a taxi to drive her to the city of Kodaikanal. While in transit, the driver became suspicious and alerted the police. Police arrested her, but Omana Edadan apparently somehow escaped custody and was placed on Interpol’s wanted list.

Doctor Omana Edadan is believed to have committed the murder in the town of Ooty.

Edadan is an eye specialist who speaks English and Malayalam, and could be hiding anywhere in the world.

Omana Edadan is described as:

  • Birth Date: November 24, 1953
  • Age: 60
  • Height: 1.60 meters – 5’3″
  • Eyes:     Black
  • Hair:     Black
  • Complexion:      wheatish
  • Sex:      Female
  • Race:      Indian
  • Nationality:  India

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Omana Edadan, a most wanted hunted offender eluding surrender from India, should contact local law enforcement where the fugitive is located or spotted. Do not try to approach her.

Here’s an article previously written:

Killer Doctor Continues to Elude Police after 17 Years in Hiding

KANNUR: 17 years after she killed her lover, the Tamil Nadu crime branch (CB) is still on the lookout for Dr Omana Edadan, who vanished after securing bail. Sources said CB got a tipoff about the people who had helped her escape to Malaysia, where she is staying with a Payyannur native.

“It is a pretty old case and the accused has reportedly gone abroad without leaving any trace. It will be really tough to follow the trail. It is possible that she has changed her identity and appearance. This will make it difficult to nab her,” police said.

On July 11, 1996 Omana allegedly killed her lover, P Muraleedharan, a Payyannur-based contractor, by administering poison in the retiring room of the Ooty railway station and later chopped his body into pieces and stuffed them in a suitcase. After failing to dispose the body in a gorge, she hired a taxi to Kodaikanal. The driver noticed that something was fishy and alerted the police, who then arrested Omana.

During her interrogation, she revealed that she was a divorcee. She added that Muraleedharan, who was already married, was drifting away from her and hence she decided to kill him. Though Ooty West police registered the case and filed the chargesheet on June 15, 1998; she allegedly got the trial process delayed by demanding copies of the chargesheet and other documents in English or Malayalam. She also managed to get bail in the case on January 21, 2001.

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