In the Meantime . . . in Uganda . . .

Witch Doctor Convicted in Gold Scam

Filed by investigative reporter BETTY NDAGIRE

Gold Scammer Edward Dumba Muwawu (right)

Gold Scammer Edward Dumba Muwawu (right)

The High Court in Kampala has convicted a witchdoctor after he was found guilty of defrauding his clients in a gold scam.

Edward Dumba Muwawu was found guilty of Fraud when he pretended to be selling them gold but failed to honor the transaction.

Most of his gold clients were residents of Europe and believed he had showed a kind heart by even offering to transport the gold to them.

Witnesses told the court that Muwawu introduced  a man whom he claimed was a brother of the Democratic Republic of Congo President, Joseph Kabila, who “owns a gold mine” with the assurance that there would be a constant supply of gold.

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Our Observation:

Spend five minutes on the MedicalMiscreant website and you will easily understand why one need not seek out a Ugandan witchdoctor to be victimized by a “healthcare provider.”

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