Connecticut MD Convicted of Patient Sexual Attack – 20 Other Assaults Are Being Investigated

Dr Edwin A Njoku

In the city of East Hartford, Doctor Edwin A Njoku has been found guilty of Sexual Assault on a female adult patient.

Njoku, age 54, was also convicted of witness tampering because he tried to buy silence from another patient and her family.

According to court records the woman, whose name was not released, reported that Njoku had assaulted her in a hotel in 2012. after giving her a drug cocktail and telling her that, as part of her therapy, he “had to be the first person to have intercourse with her after her pelvic surgery.”

The woman charged that Edwin Njoku “placed objects in my vagina” during a June 2010 exam, causing her to need the surgery.

The woman initially became Njoku’s patient in April 2009, when she reported experiencing pain and complications from a hysterectomy.

In 2010, the same medical condition – pelvic organ prolapse – recurred after Njoku had intercourse with her. He had taken her to a hotel room at the time.

Investigators determined that while at the hotel and after his sexual assault, Njoku “tried to use a hotel towel to push her internal organs back into her, and then abandoned her in the room alone.”

Njoku had also been charged with sexual assault while treating another patient, Anoilan Drago, who accused Njoku of raping her in his exam room and then sending a pastor to her home to offer her money to keep quiet.

Anolan Drago described a rape by Njoku at his Christus Medical Group office

Anolan Drago described a rape by Njoku at his Christus Medical Group office

The Connecticut Medical Examining Board has suspended Njoku’s license.

As many as 20 women filed complaints against Njoku after his arrest was announced. East Hartford Police  report the investigation into the doctor’s behavior continues.

Immediately after the verdict was announced in Hartford Superior Court, Judge Elpedio  Vitale raised Njoku’s bail to $3,500,000 and Njoku was taken into custody.

The doctor faces 11 years in prison at his sentencing in September.

Here’s more on this very disturbing case:

Doctor Edwin A Njoku, Sexual Misconduct with a Patient

  • Action Taken:                 License Revocation
  • Allegation of Complaint: 
  • Documentation:                 Download here (PDF)
  • State:                 Connecticut
  • Other   (2/3/2012)
  • Action Taken:                 Summary Suspension
  • Allegation of Complaint: 
  • Documentation:                 Download here (PDF)
  • State:                 Connecticut

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Our Observations:

So by now you certainly know the term Third World Assassin. We cannot think of a more appropriate poster child for this particular category of criminal than Edwin A Njoku:

Medical Education:

Facultad De Medicina Universidad Nacional Autonoma, Mexico City

Graduated in 1990

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