Alabama MD Jailed for Healthcare Fraud After Son’s Conviction of Murder

A jaw-dropping number of doctors emigrate to the U.S. to begin a life of crime. In the hallowed halls of healthcare, we refer to them as Third World Assassins. And you better believe their hits just ‘keeeep onnn comming’

Dr Iqbal Ahmed Memon

Dr Iqbal Ahmed Memon – Let’s all keep pretending foreign-born physicians have no reason to be properly supervised


In Athens Alabama, a doctor whose teenage son is behind bars for killing another student, is now behind bars himself.

Doctor Iqbal Ahmed Memon, a child care specialist from Madison, was taken into custody Wednesday by the Madison County Sheriff’s Department on a fraud charge warrant brought by the state of Alabama Attorney General.

Memon, 51, whose medical practice is in Athens, is believed to have stolen at least $7,000 from the Alabama Medicaid Program. Memon was already in trouble with the law after police report that he hid the fact that his son, Hammad Memon, was trying to sneak out of the country last year,  just before his murder trial was scheduled to begin in June. Memon’s wife was helping the son escape and was also arrested.

Todd Brown, 14, was fatally shot by the 17-year old Hammad in a school shooting at Discovery Middle School in Madison.

Alabama’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit leads the investigation of Memon after his billing scam came to the attention of the Medicaid Program Integrity Division. Assistant Attorney General Bruce Lieberman, is prosecuting the case.

If convicted, Memon could get 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $60,000 for each of the two charges.

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