Indiana Doctor the Only Suspect in the Murder of Four People

A 40-year-old Indiana physician his been arrested on suspicion of committing multiple murders over a period of 10 years.

Dr Anthony Garcia

Dr Anthony Garcia

Doctor Anthony Garcia is believed by Nebraska State Police to have killed four people who were connected to the medical school that fired him back in 2001.

According to the investigation, Garcia was terminated from his Creighton University residency for exhibiting extremely erratic behavior 12 years ago.

Thomas Hunter

Thomas Hunter

But the doctor now faces the charges of killing a pathology professor and his wife earlier this year, as well as the stabbings of another medical school instructor’s son and housekeeper in 2008.

Garcia, who lives in Terre Haute, Indiana, was arrested by Illinois State Police Monday during a traffic stop in Union County. Garcia appeared drunk and was in possession of a .45-caliber handgun, police said. He was jailed immediately.

Mary Brumback

Mary Brumback

Shirlee Sherman

Shirlee Sherman

Dr Roger Brumback, One of Garcia's 4 victims

Dr Roger Brumback,
One of Garcia’s 4 victims

Investigators in Nebraska believe they can prove Garcia broke into the Omaha home of Creighton professor Doctor Roger Brumback in May of this year. They say he shot Brumback before stabbing his wife, Mary, to death. He is also charged in the 2008 stabbings of the son of another pathology professor, William Hunter, as well as his housekeeper, Shirlee Sherman, in a wealthy Omaha neighborhood not far from the home of Warren Buffett.

Here is another view of this case:

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One thought on “Indiana Doctor the Only Suspect in the Murder of Four People

  1. Doctor Watchdog says:

    Nebraska decided to keep the death penalty.

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