ER Doc Was His Girlfriend’s Drug-dealer – Now He’s in Jail

In upstate New York a Niagara County physician has admitted in court that he prescribed narcotics out of the emergency room by fraud.

Dr Daniel Gillick


Doctor Daniel C. Gillick, age 63, concocted a drug-dealing plan that involved his girlfriend coming to the emergency room pretending to be a patient suffering from a condition known as trigeminal neuralgia.

Gillick would then perform a fake exam, fraudulently diagnose the ‘patient’ as suffering from trigeminal neuralgia and generate a prescription for Dilauded, a narcotic.

Gillick’s girlfriend, Christina Guilfoyle, age 27, had no medical need for the controlled substance.

Gillick, who admitted defrauding Schuyler Hospital as well as providing his girlfriend  narcotics by fraud, was arrested with Guilfoyle in November 2012 following a Drug Enforcement Administration investigation. At the time, investigators discovered cocaine in Guilfoyle’s car, which she said she bought for Gillick.

Gillick, employed by Delphi Emergency Physicians Services, could get 10 years in prison.

Here’s another take on this case:

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