Mayo Clinic Study Contradicts Some Standard Treatments

Andis Robeznieks. Medical Reporter

Andis Robeznieks. Medical Reporter

The latest is not always the greatest in medical treatments, according to a  study posted on the Mayo  Clinic Proceedings website. It reviewed the findings of more than 1,300  previously published reports on medical practices.

The use of stents became a multibillion-dollar-a-year industry before it was  shown that medical management was just as effective for patients with stable  coronary artery disease.

“When medical practices are instituted in error, most often on the basis of  premature, inadequate, biased and conflicted evidence, the costs to society and  the medical system are immense,” the authors concluded. “Our position is in  contrast to efforts to lower standards for device and drug approval, which  further erodes the value of the regulatory process.”

Dr. John Ioannidis, of Stanford University School of Medicine’s Prevention  Research Center, said this:
“Despite better laboratory science, fascinating technology, and theoretically  mature designs after 65 years of randomized trials, ineffective, harmful,  expensive medical practices are being introduced more frequently now than at any  other time in the history of medicine.”

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