New Jersey Doctor Crime-wave Continues: Yet Another MD-Scamster Faces Prison

Dr Frank J Santangelo

Dr Frank J Santangelo

In the city of Newark another New Jersey doctor has been convicted of Health Care Fraud – this one taking nearly $2,000,000 in bribes from a medical testing laboratory.

Doctor Frank Santangelo, age 43,  changed his “Not Guilty” plea to “Guilty” this morning, to charges of money-laundering and failure to file tax returns.

Santangelo, who operated medical offices in the cities of Montville and Wayne, faces 25 years in prison.

Federal investigators were able to prove that the bribery money Santangelo received  was part of a long-running scheme operated by Parsippany-based Bio-Laboratory Services, its president and numerous associates. The investigation revealed that BLS bribed physicians to refer patients to them for unnecessary tests, which brought in more than $6,000,000 in insurance reimbursements.

Four other doctors had already been convicted for their roles in the scam.

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