FBI Nabs Three New Jersey Doctors in Bribery Case

Healthcare Reform? Really?

Healthcare Reform? Really?

In a Newark federal court, three physicians admitted Wednesday to their part in a $100,000,000 cash-for-patient-referral scam. According to investigators, the scheme involved the doctors taking bribes from a medical lab in exchange for sending patients for tests that were not necessary, and often were never performed.

As detailed in a U.S. Department of Justice press release, all three changed their “Not Guilty” pleas to “Guilty,” of violating the Federal Travel Act, this week. The prosecution was able to prove that the doctors took bribes from Bio-Diagnostic Laboratory Services in Parsippany.

The physicians:

Claudio Dicovskiy, age 51, a psychiatrist in Fort Lee, accepted $224,000 in bribery money

Franklin D Fortunato, age 63, a pulmonary specialist of Montville, took $100,000

Dennis Aponte, 46, internal medicine specialist of Cedar Grove, took $18,000.

According to court records, the doctors were paid kickbacks by sending patient blood samples to Bio-Diagnostic, which then billed Medicare.

The U.S. DOJ press release stated this:

“The doctors who pleaded guilty today admitted making decisions about the care they provided based on being paid in return for their referrals. We will continue to seek out and punish those doctors and other medical professionals who put profit before patient care.”

Several Bio-Diagnostic staff members, including its president, along with another New Jersey physician, were arrested in April and charged in the conspiracy. Bio-Diagnostic stole more than $1,200,000 from insurance providers in the scam.

A sentencing date has not yet been set.

Here’s more:  http://www.fbi.gov/newark/press-releases/2013/three-doctors-admit-accepting-bribes-for-test-referrals-to-new-jersey-clinical-laboratory

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3 thoughts on “FBI Nabs Three New Jersey Doctors in Bribery Case

  1. leejcaroll says:

    Patric I know you from another blog. (Turley)
    At linked in one of the miscreants who was just found guilty on 172 of 173 drug counts (illegally prescribing) continues to shout to all within hearing distance that she did nothing wrong, She was right in using someone else’s DEA number to prescribe oxycontin, etc. because her DEA number was taken when she was first convicted of medicare fraud she says because she is “helping” people.. Some of these people never learn and continue to be miscreants

    • Hey Leejcaroll –

      Well, I’ve seen your name on Turley, too! Good to hear from you.

      You are 100% right that far too many of these lab coat lunatics get a slap on the tush and keep right on making mischief.

      I can honestly say that nothing makes me angrier than the fact that so many otherwise decent physicians refuse to speak out about the miscreants in their midst.

      As a Paramedic, It took me years to literally stop ignoring the jaw-dropping volume of bad doctoring I was witnessing in the world of EMS. Finally, I’d had enough and started to speak out. But I can clearly remember at least five MDs who I personally witnessed kill patients, for no other reason than their outsized egos.

      Thanks for taking a peek at the site. Best of luck out there.

      • leejcaroll says:

        The doctor who paralyzed my face was a “name”. We couldn’t find someone willing to testify despite egregious evidence of ghost surgery, malpractice, and more. He perjured himself and the hospital medical society, still didn’t care. Even the trigeminal neuralgia association, whose mission is education, has refused to put a click to my book, the only one about personal life with TN, on their site because, as the president told me, I wrote about Dr. Jannetta and what happened to me.
        It is also surprising to me that this woman has doctors and others believing her story, regardless of what the state proved, and coming to her defense.
        It takes courage to speak out.

        Glad I found your page and keep it up!

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