Are Hospitals Waking up to What Nurses Have Been Reporting for Decades?

“One doctor complained that he didn’t know why he had been sent for behavior counseling. I responded, ‘Your hospital staff thinks you’re an arrogant ass. That’s why they sent you.'”


William Swiggart, a director at Vanderbilt’s Program for Distressed Physicians


How much of this was mentioned during the 2-year 'health care reform debates?' Zero

How much of this was mentioned during the 2-year ‘health care reform debates?’ Zero

We can now report that at least some hospitals are actively responding to a challenge that nearly all facilities have been plagued with for decades: angry, abusive even violent physicians, acting out toward nurses and other medical staff members, according to Kaiser Health News.

The research reveals that approximately 5% of doctors nationwide – as many as 35,000 physicians in any given year – – are witnessed acting out in juvenile ways.

And Doctor Charles Samenow, a psychiatric professor at George Washington University School of Medicine who examines physicians found to routinely misbehave, states the reality of disruptive doctors has a measurable corrosive effect on clinic morale and patient care.

For example, a recent nationwide survey of hospital administrators found that 99% reported doctor misbehavior has a negative affect on patient care, and 21% report it has caused patient harm at their own facilities, according to the study.

At least one reason hospitals are losing their tolerance for disruptive doctors is  guidance issued by The Joint Commission, warning medical facilities  that intimidating physicians create an environment for medical errors and poor patient outcomes. The behavior increases the cost of care to the tune of billions of dollars, and is a primary cause of nurses quitting their jobs.

The Joint Commission states this:

“To assure quality and to promote a culture of safety, health care  organizations must address the problem of behaviors that threaten the  performance of the health care team.”

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