Indiana Doctor Heads to Jail after Sexual Assault

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Jail, probation and registering as a sex offender was the sentence handed down today in Berrien County Trial Court for a Niles-area doctor who drugged a woman and committed criminal sexual conduct last fall and spring.
Dr Paul R Miluk

Dr Paul R Miluk

Doctor Paul R. Miluk, 55, pleaded guilty to attempted delivery of a controlled substance to commit criminal sexual conduct, fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and false report of a felony and was sentenced to five years’ probation and 180 days in jail. He must also pay $3,294, which includes $480 in restitution.

His license to practice medicine was suspended earlier this month by the Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs agency. He has practiced in the past in the Niles area as well as in Kalamazoo, but most recently had practiced out of state. He was on the Lakeland medical staff from February 2002 to March 2003.

The first two criminal sexual conduct-related offenses were last October, while the false report of a felony occurred in late May. All three offenses occurred at Miluk’s home in Buchanan Township.

According to police reports, Miluk mixed a schedule 4 narcotic drug, Zolpidem, in a woman’s alcoholic drink and then had sex with her after she passed out. The victim reported that she noticed a bitter taste in the drink and felt “out of it” after taking a few sips of the drink.

The false report of a felony charge stems from a false report Miluk made of first-degree home invasion May 29. He reported to the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department that two people had broken into his home, trashed belongings, and stole an iPad, a laptop and $300. He later admitted that the report was false and that he had trashed the belongings.

In comments before the sentencing, Miluk said he took responsibility for his actions. He said he filed the false police report of a home invasion because he had “completely freaked out.”

Here’s a bit more on this latest lab coat lunatic:

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Another Week – Another 40 Doctors Caught up in Scams. Here’s One More

Here we have yet another Orange County, California physician caught in a health insurance scam: this one involving theft from Medicare of nearly $3,000,000.

Dr Augustus K Ohemeng

Dr Augustus K Ohemeng

U.S. District Judge Christina Snyder in Los Angeles sentenced Doctor Augustus Ohemeng, of Buena Park, to three years in prison,  and ordered him to pay $2,000,000 in restitution.

Ohemeng, age 62, had been convicted earlier this year on six counts of Healthcare Fraud.

Federal investigators told the court that Ohemeng, the medical director at Pacific Clinic in Long Beach, would routinely recruit Medicare ‘patients,’ and then bill the insurance provider for exams that included medically unnecessary procedures. According to court records, Ohemeng, an internal medicine specialist, would write fake prescriptions for expensive medical equipment, such as  electric wheelchairs, for people who had no need for them.

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Our Observations:
We suspect it’s of some significance to advise our readers that Ohemeng is – as of July 28 – the 1,349th physician to be found culpable of felony-level misbehavior, since New Year’s Day, 2013. But let’s all keep pretending it isn’t happening.
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Alabama MD Jailed for Healthcare Fraud After Son’s Conviction of Murder

A jaw-dropping number of doctors emigrate to the U.S. to begin a life of crime. In the hallowed halls of healthcare, we refer to them as Third World Assassins. And you better believe their hits just ‘keeeep onnn comming’

Dr Iqbal Ahmed Memon

Dr Iqbal Ahmed Memon – Let’s all keep pretending foreign-born physicians have no reason to be properly supervised


In Athens Alabama, a doctor whose teenage son is behind bars for killing another student, is now behind bars himself.

Doctor Iqbal Ahmed Memon, a child care specialist from Madison, was taken into custody Wednesday by the Madison County Sheriff’s Department on a fraud charge warrant brought by the state of Alabama Attorney General.

Memon, 51, whose medical practice is in Athens, is believed to have stolen at least $7,000 from the Alabama Medicaid Program. Memon was already in trouble with the law after police report that he hid the fact that his son, Hammad Memon, was trying to sneak out of the country last year,  just before his murder trial was scheduled to begin in June. Memon’s wife was helping the son escape and was also arrested.

Todd Brown, 14, was fatally shot by the 17-year old Hammad in a school shooting at Discovery Middle School in Madison.

Alabama’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit leads the investigation of Memon after his billing scam came to the attention of the Medicaid Program Integrity Division. Assistant Attorney General Bruce Lieberman, is prosecuting the case.

If convicted, Memon could get 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $60,000 for each of the two charges.

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Doctor Buys Cyanide. Wife Dies of Cyanide Poisoning. Doc In Jail for Murder. Any Questions?

Let us guess: You still think these are the smartest people in society?


Dr Robert Ferrante

Dr Robert Ferrante

In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Doctor Robert Ferrante – a University of Pittsburgh professor of neurosurgery – has been charged with killing his wife, also a doctor on staff.   This, after investigators searched his laboratory at the University, as well as his home.

Dr Autumn M Klein

Doctor Autumn M Klein, dead from poisoning

Ferrante’s arrest culminated months of speculation that he was the primary suspect in the death of his wife.

Doctor Autumn Klein, age 41, who was chief of  Women’s Neurology at the University, was found unconscious on her kitchen floor last April and died several days later, of what the coroner’s report stated was a lethal amount of cyanide in her bloodstream.

Ferrante, 64,  was arrested three days ago after being stopped on the highway in West Virginia and transported to the West Virginia State Police department for criminal processing. He is now being held at the Southern Regional Jail in Beaver, West Virginia awaiting arraignment.

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ER Doc Was His Girlfriend’s Drug-dealer – Now He’s in Jail

In upstate New York a Niagara County physician has admitted in court that he prescribed narcotics out of the emergency room by fraud.

Dr Daniel Gillick


Doctor Daniel C. Gillick, age 63, concocted a drug-dealing plan that involved his girlfriend coming to the emergency room pretending to be a patient suffering from a condition known as trigeminal neuralgia.

Gillick would then perform a fake exam, fraudulently diagnose the ‘patient’ as suffering from trigeminal neuralgia and generate a prescription for Dilauded, a narcotic.

Gillick’s girlfriend, Christina Guilfoyle, age 27, had no medical need for the controlled substance.

Gillick, who admitted defrauding Schuyler Hospital as well as providing his girlfriend  narcotics by fraud, was arrested with Guilfoyle in November 2012 following a Drug Enforcement Administration investigation. At the time, investigators discovered cocaine in Guilfoyle’s car, which she said she bought for Gillick.

Gillick, employed by Delphi Emergency Physicians Services, could get 10 years in prison.

Here’s another take on this case:

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Indiana Doctor the Only Suspect in the Murder of Four People

A 40-year-old Indiana physician his been arrested on suspicion of committing multiple murders over a period of 10 years.

Dr Anthony Garcia

Dr Anthony Garcia

Doctor Anthony Garcia is believed by Nebraska State Police to have killed four people who were connected to the medical school that fired him back in 2001.

According to the investigation, Garcia was terminated from his Creighton University residency for exhibiting extremely erratic behavior 12 years ago.

Thomas Hunter

Thomas Hunter

But the doctor now faces the charges of killing a pathology professor and his wife earlier this year, as well as the stabbings of another medical school instructor’s son and housekeeper in 2008.

Garcia, who lives in Terre Haute, Indiana, was arrested by Illinois State Police Monday during a traffic stop in Union County. Garcia appeared drunk and was in possession of a .45-caliber handgun, police said. He was jailed immediately.

Mary Brumback

Mary Brumback

Shirlee Sherman

Shirlee Sherman

Dr Roger Brumback, One of Garcia's 4 victims

Dr Roger Brumback,
One of Garcia’s 4 victims

Investigators in Nebraska believe they can prove Garcia broke into the Omaha home of Creighton professor Doctor Roger Brumback in May of this year. They say he shot Brumback before stabbing his wife, Mary, to death. He is also charged in the 2008 stabbings of the son of another pathology professor, William Hunter, as well as his housekeeper, Shirlee Sherman, in a wealthy Omaha neighborhood not far from the home of Warren Buffett.

Here is another view of this case:

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Ohio State MD Admits Downloading Child Porn on University Computer

Dr Christopher E Pelloski

Dr Christopher E Pelloski

In Columbus Ohio, the State University director of the pediatric cancer radiation program, has been arrested on federal criminal charges of downloading child pornography.

According to a Franklin County special investigation unit, Doctor Christopher Pelloski confessed to detectives that he had “downloaded numerous images and videos depicting minors engaged in explicit sexual acts on the internet.”

Pelloski, age 39, was chained and shackled when he was brought into federal court last week. After a brief hearing, he was released on bail by Judge Norah King on home confinement with electronic monitoring. Pelloski, who is married with two children, was ordered to have no unsupervised contact with children, including his own.

Pelloski had been the Director of the Pediatric Radiation Oncology Program at Ohio State’s James Cancer Hospital. He is also affiliated with Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus.

A spokeswoman for Ohio State reported the university administration and staff were “deeply disturbed” by the case, and that Pelloski no longer has permission to access the medical center.

All of his patients have been reassigned to other staff members.

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