The Shocking Amount of Doctor Misbehavior in America: It Ain’t Gettin’ Any Better

Editorial Flashback:

The 2009 Medical Miscreant Year-End Legacy? 2,490 Doctors Convicted

K Patrick McDonald

K. Patrick McDonald, LA Examiner Health News Contributor
CONSIDER the following uncomfortable reality for a moment:

In the year of 2009, 2,490 doctors were convicted of crimes in courts of law, or seriously sanctioned by medical governing bodies behind closed doors.* During the Summer of ’09 – for example – while five of Michael Jackson’s doctors were being investigated; and while two of Anna Nicole Smith’s doctors were indicted in her death; 21 other physicians were quietly convicted for murder and rape, secretly filming their nude patients, drug running, injecting fake Botox and child molestation and grand theft.  Nationwide, you ask? Oh, no. That was merely the 90-day “Daffy-Doc” crime tally in the state of California.In what country on this planet are 11,000 doctor convictions* in a single decade (2000-2009) not merely condoned, but utterly unexamined? Why, this one.The National Practitioner Data Bank holds files on a phenomenal 237,000 physicians, referred to as either “Dangerous” or “Questionable” by the Health Research Group.History shows that an inordinate percentage of serial killers over the last 100 years have been doctors. But the phenomenon of bizarre behavior of crimes just short of homicide seems to be getting worse:

  • A New York obstetrician completed the delivery of an infant, then suddenly pulled out a scalpel and – to the nurses’ horror – carved his initials into the mother’s abdomen.
  • An Army doctor walked onto a military base and destroyed 13 lives with a handgun.
  • A Los Angeles ER physician in such a rush to help save lives, tried to kill two bicyclists on a city street.
  • Last week, an Oklahoma doctor pulled out a knife in the kitchen of his home, and with his wife looking on, proceeded to stab his young son to death, screaming that he was “the devil.”

The sheer volume of what is happening is undeniable. The strangeness is a fascinating, important subject.

And the silence by a non-investigating media – as our disinterested citizenry – is deafening.

Maybe now is the time to get informed: Download a copy of “Americas Dumbest Doctors” today. It just might save the life of someone you care about.

* United States Department of Justice Data Bank & Press Releases


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