Ohio ER Physician Convicted on 8 Counts of Child Rape, Voyeurism

In the city of Dayton a Montgomery County jury has found an emergency room doctor guilty of 13 sex-related charges, including the rapes of four different girls, voyeurism and stalking.

Dr Keith Goldblum

Dr Keith Goldblum

Doctor Keith D. Goldblum, age 59, was convicted on all counts, which involved four different girls who stayed overnight during his daughter’s sleepovers.

The Common Pleas jury returned the verdict after deliberating over three days.

According to District Attorney Matthew Heck, the four girls were friends of Goldblum’s daughter and the sexual assaults happened over the course of a full decade, starting in 2002. Heck was able to prove that two of the girls had been assaulted multiple times.

Goldblum was affiliated with Good Samaritan Hospital inn Dayton. He is scheduled to be sentenced July 10 and faces the possibility of a life sentence.

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7 thoughts on “Ohio ER Physician Convicted on 8 Counts of Child Rape, Voyeurism

  1. justice for doc says:

    Do not believe this ever happened. I think the girls are lying. I intensely dislike people who harm children and would tear them apart piece by piece. I worked with this doctor and I just cannot and will not believe Dr Goldblum is guilty of these charges. Bogus charges and he has been set up.

  2. don says:

    In response to “Justice for Doc”) :
    Why would kids lie? what did they get out of this?? You say you dislike people who harm kids, but because you know this guy the kids are lying!!!! would you let him babysit your kids or grandkids?? Anyway, justice will be served, IN JAIL!!! And just remember, i dont think your emails will comfort him at night when “bubba” finds out what he did, 7,665 nights!! ha.

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