Indiana MD in Prison on ‘Sex for Drugs’ Case Wants Out of Jail

Dr Ray Howell

Dr Ray Howell

Doctor Ray D. Howell, who has been in prison since last year when he was found guilty of trading narcotics for sexual favors, is asking that his sentence be commuted.

Howell, age 58, of Roachdale, was sentenced in June 2012 to a four-year term in the Indiana Department of Corrections by Putnam Circuit Court Judge Matthew Headley.

But now Howell’s attorney, Jay Clifford, is petitioning for a sentence reduction, arguing that the doctor suffers from dementia and that his condition is getting worse. Clifford reports that since Howell’s sentencing, his condition “has deteriorated significantly.”

Howell was taken into custody in October 2011 following a two-year investigation that proved the doctor was over-prescribing narcotics in exchange for sexual trysts with a number of female patients. According to the prosecution, these encounters routinely took place at the clinic run by Howell called the Tri-County Family Medical Clinic in Roachdale. In the year 2009 for example, records show Howell wrote more than 11,000 sham prescriptions for narcotics.

(courtroom video)

Why do some men become doctors?

Why do some men become doctors?

At his sentencing, Judge Headley told the errant physician this:

“You caused drug addictions to people. One of your victims was a pregnant patient who ended up delivering a drug-addicted baby.”

Here’s another view of this case:

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