Don’t ALL MDs Have a ‘Bat Cave’ in the Clinic, Just for Fun and Games?

Dr Calvin Day, proud inhabitant of the "Bat Cave"

Dr Calvin Day, proud inhabitant of the “Bat Cave”

A jury in San Antonio District Court found a well-known dermatologist guilty in a sexual assault case yesterday.

The prosecutors were able to prove that Doctor Calvin Day, age 61, had indeed assaulted a 46-year old patient, who told the court that Day had kissed her, groped her chest and put his hand under her dress when she arrived for a follow-up Botox treatment one Sunday in August 2010.

State District Judge Ron Rangel read the guilty verdict after a four-hour jury deliberation. The doctor was then immediately taken into custody.

Although the trial had focused on the allegations of a single patient, who remains unnamed,  there are 13 other women, both patients and former employees, prepared to testify when the sentencing part of the case begins today.

During the trial, a nurse practitioner who once worked for Day described a very strange encounter with her boss. One night, after everyone else had gone home and she was locked inside the office, she testified that Day asked her to conduct a laser hair removal procedure on his back.

But when she turned around expecting to find him in a robe, “he was naked except for a pair of black dress socks,” she said. Day then ordered her to also use the device on his genital area, she said.

“I did as I was asked because I was scared.” she testified.

Employees at the clinic described a secret room used only by Day, which they referred to as the “Bat Cave.”

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According to, Dr.  Calvin Lee Day is a board-certified Dermatologist with special expertise in  Aesthetic Procedures. With a poor patient rating of 1.5 stars out of 4.

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One thought on “Don’t ALL MDs Have a ‘Bat Cave’ in the Clinic, Just for Fun and Games?

  1. Doctor Watchdog says:

    I’ve added Dr. Day’s case to my files. I have over 6000 news articles and state discipline reports involving male doctor sexually abusing female patients.

    Send me a private email.

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