Another Drug-dealing Doctor Looking at Serious Prison Time

Dr Lea Ann Marlow

Dr Lea Ann Marlow

A southern Indiana pain management physician arrested for prescribing narcotics to thousands of patients with no medical need, has opted to plead guilty in federal court.

Doctor Lea Ann Marlow could be sentenced to 71 months for Conspiracy to Distribute narcotics for no legitimate medical purpose – specifically, Schedule II controlled substances.

Marlow operated out of a clinic referred to as Clark County Wellness, which was  closed down in January after her medical license was revoked by the State Medical Board.

According to court testimony, the doctor would typically spend as little as five minutes with patients, and sign blank prescriptions that were later completed by clinic staff, which is strictly illegal.

Not even the military kills so many people

Not even the military kills so many people

Marlow is believed to have dispensed 8,000 narcotic prescriptions to more than 3,000 patients in less than one year. The prosecution told the court that regardless of their varied “complaints,” Marlow’s patients almost always were issued prescriptions for Oxycodone and Valium and always paid cash. Insurance was never accepted.

Marlow MD is scheduled to be sentenced in August.

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