The Case of the Peeping Podiatrist

Dr  Ninos D Jando

Dr Ninos D Jando

Some folks actually think we make this stuff up


In Muskegon Michigan Circuit Court, a foot doctor has changed his ‘not guilty’ plea to ‘guilty’ to charges of secretly filming male athletes in the shower room at Muskegon Community College.

Over the strong objections of the prosecution, Doctor Ninos Danny Jando, age 34, will avoid going to state prison. He was instead convicted of three counts of recording images of nude persons without their permission. And although these are felonies which could merit a five-year term, Judge William Marietti elected to limit Jando’s sentence to 9 months in county jail.

According to the police report, the incident happened in the early evening on January 28. A student taking a shower in the college locker room noticed that Jando, who was also showering, was behaving suspiciously, taking great care to position a shaving kit on the shower head. The student realized that Jando had also placed a second kit on top of a garbage container nearby. When police arrived, they discovered both kits contained hidden cameras focused through small holes. Jando was arrested immediately.

Doesn't normally include secret cameras

Doesn’t normally include secret cameras

Upon search of the doctor’s car, police discovered a half-dozen similar shaving kits, as well as a laptop with images of nude males in various locker rooms.

shower room

Investigators also found numerous health club membership cards with Jando’s photo but with different names. The number of victims filmed could be in the hundreds.

Here’s another take on the case:

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Our Observations:

Although we do not find this particular incident an earth-shaking event, this lab coat freak with a fetish was also arrested in 2009 for doing the same thing. But because he was a doctor, his case was reduced to Disorderly Conduct. Had the physician disciplinary system worked properly, he would have been stopped then. Instead, he skipped along his merry way, and was therefore able to continue his shower room games for another three years.

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