Detectives: ‘Lady Doctor Poisoned Other Doctor’s Coffee’

Maybe doctors just shouldn't mate

Here’s a thought: please stop mating

In Houston Texas a physician has been arrested on the charge of Aggravated Assault following an investigation that revealed she is the most likely person to have poisoned Doctor George Blumenshein.

According to the warrant for her arrest, Doctor Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo, is believed to have mixed a toxic chemical into the coffee of a fellow doctor with whom she was having a sexual relationship with.

Maybe next time . . . Starbucks?

Maybe next time . . . Starbucks?

Police believe that the incident happened on January 27, when Gonzalez-Angulo served Blumenschein a cup of coffee that he immediately stated “tasted too sweet,” something he questioned her about, because she already knew that he always preferred his coffee unsweetened.

According to the court record, Gonzalez-Angulo brushed off his complaint by saying she’d added an artificial sweetener and encouraged him to drink it anyway, which he did. She then poured him another cup.

In reality, Gonzalez-Angulo is believed to have added ethylene glycol, a sweet-tasting, highly toxic substance that was found in his blood test.

Blumenschein drank both cups, and within two hours he was seen to experience a loss of balance and slurred speech.

Blumenschein, who is also a cancer specialist, was taken to the emergency room where doctors determined he was suffering from a sudden onset of heart and lung complications; nervous system symptoms and kidney failure.

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When it comes to lab coat lunacy, it’s hard to beat Texas

University of Texas campus police filed their report on May 29, and  Gonzalez-Angulo was arrested the next day. She posted a $50,000 bail and was released pending a court date.

The hospital press staff report Doctor Gonzalez-Angulo is on administrative leave.

Here is another view of this case:

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Our Observation:

This particular doctor – if she is found guilty as charged – will join the ever-growing list of names on the wall of shame known as Third World Assassins. Gonzalez-Angulo emigrated to the U.S. following her medical education at the University of Cauca in Popayán, Colombia.

We believe it is significant to note that – since 1990 – 385 foreign-trained physicians have been imprisoned for severe misbehavior.

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