Iowa MD Sexually Abused Seven Women – Gets Probation

“This doctor is a predator and knew exactly what he was doing,” said one of the hospital staff members in court testimony.


Is there anything more ironic than giving the "Golden Hands" award to a sexual deviant?

What’s more ironic than a “Golden Hands” award for a sexual deviant?

A physician in the city of Hampton has changed his ‘not guilty’ plea to ‘guilty’ of the felony crime in Iowa referred to as Sexual Exploitation by a Therapist.

Doctor Brian Hansen apologized to seven victims in the Franklin County District Court, all of whom were employees of Franklin General Hospital, a facility affiliated with Mercy Health Network-North Iowa.

Several of the women staff members testified of his “relentless pursuit” of sexual gratification while on duty, explaining to the court their personal stories of attempted suicide; health problems; job loss; divorce, as well as losing custody of their children, as a result of the abuse.

One woman testified the doctor called her into his office and showed her a sexually explicit movie on his computer. He then asking her if that was “something she might be interested in doing.”

On another occasion, she found Hansen standing with his pants down in a hospital exam room.

Hansen asked the woman if she’d like to “come over and touch this.”

During the trial lab coat lunatic Hansen could see his wife and children in the courtroom. Yet in a stunning display of inane sympathy, some trial observers wore ribbons in support of this deviant.

Judge Colleen Weiland sentenced Hansen to a five-year suspended sentence; five years probation and a $7,500 fine.

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Our Observation:

We invite readers to forward to the Medical Miscreant site a single instance where a male of another profession has been slapped on the wrist with Probation after sexually harassing seven women in the workplace.

We won’t hold our breath.

Here’s more:

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