The Lighter Side of Medicine

Every now and then we like to tip our beach cap to the thousands upon thousands of doctors who are neither criminals nor goofy in the least. So in our newest category – Poetic Justice – we can honestly report that not one of our esteemed poet-MDs has ever robbed a jewelry store; bilked an insurance company; made a habit of unnecessary cutting on patients; injected fake Botox or killed a spouse.

What they have done is figure out playful ways to be funny without committing any crime at all. They instead scribe some pretty cool stuff. And God love them.


Just Give Us a Little Sample

“Some tote their pee-pee in a tube

Some bring it in a jug

Some carry a lot’ll in a bottle

That a horse could barely lug

Urine Sample

Some sneak it in a nifty box

Some wrap it like a gift

Some proudly show it

Don’t you know it

It give’s them quite a lift

Their liquids may be cloudy

Or sometimes crystal clear

We wonder how they’re still alive

When most of it is beer

Some load it right up to the brim

The volumes can bring awe

Some hardly fill it

Some will spill it

But some can’t pee at all”

Gary Green, MD

*          *          *

Have a relaxing Sunday, readers. And for those of you with great doctors, take time to let them know how much they are appreciated. We have far too many of the other kind.

#          #          #


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