Doctor Convicted of Sexually Assaulting Teenage Patient

Dr Walid Abdelhamid

Dr Walid Abdelhamid

A student-physician in Canada was found guilty last week in a sexual assault case that occurred at Winnipeg Children’s Hospital four years ago.

Doctor Walid Abdelhamid, now 35, is scheduled to be sentenced in July.

During the trial, the court heard testimony from an 18-year-old male who described in detail how he was sexually assaulted as he lay paralyzed in the hospital. He described being attacked twice in the same day, while bedridden with a broken back as the result of a motorcross collision.

Healthcare is a fertile ground for the deranged

Healthcare is a fertile playground for the deranged

According to court records, Abdelhamid was never assigned as the physician of record for the boy, who was 15 at the time. He was actually doing advanced medical training elsewhere in the hospital, on a student visa, on the day of the incident.

During the reading of the verdict, the judge stated she found the testimony by the victim was credible.

Abdelhamid, who had been arrested in 2009, was the subject of an interpol manhunt after fleeing to Greece following his initial release on bail. He was subsequently caught by police in Crete and extradicted to Canada.

Here’s another report on this case:–208895201.html

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Our observations:

In keeping with his Third World Assassin status, Abdelhamid is the son of a Libyan government official and took full advantage of Western medical school opportunities.


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