Doctor-Fraudster Gets Prison Time for Cancer Treatment Scams

Dr Christine Daniel

Dr Christine Daniel

A Los Angeles-area physician was sentenced last week to 14 years in federal prison for 11 felonies, including convincing patients that she had a “miracle cure” for their deadly illnesses. She was also found guilty of tampering with witnesses and tax fraud.

Doctor Christine Daniel, age 58, certified in emergency medicine as well as a Pentecostal minister, told at least 50 cancer patients that her “cures” offered an 80% success rate. Investigators discovered that she scammed more than $1,200,000 from dozens of victims across the country, convincing them at her Sonrise Wellness Center in Mission Hills, that she had herbal cures for incurable diseases.

Laboratory tests determined that Daniel’s treatments actually consisted of skin cream preservatives and food flavoring, which she labeled “C-Extract,” and charged patients as much as $100,000 for a series of treatments.

According to U.S. Attorney Andre  Birotte, “The scope of Daniel’s fraud was breathtaking. This doctor robbed victims of more than money — she also stole their  hopes and dreams for a cure. Daniel is responsible for a shockingly cold-hearted  fraud that has brought her a richly deserved federal prison sentence.”

U. S. District Judge Robert  Timlin said this:

“Daniel repeatedly demonstrated a merciless and callous indifference to the  suffering of her patients and their family members. It is unlikely that our federal criminal  justice system will see the likes of defendant Christine Daniel again.”

Here’s more on this disturbing story:

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In keeping with her status as a bonifide Third World Assassin, Christine Daniel emigrated to the U.S. from Nigeria; took advantage of an extremely expensive education at Temple University Medical School, and graduated in 1978. She learned quickly that the American medical system is a laughably fertile garden for thievery. Had she not gotten so greedy, she likely would never have been caught.

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