‘Behavioral Health’ Doctor Jailed for Sex & Drugs Misbehavior

The Georgia Medical Society named him a “Health Care Hero” in 2011 for conducting/sponsoring activities that improved the quality of life in his community.


A physician in Savannah Georgia has pleaded guilty in federal court to narcotic distribution to numerous patients for no legitimate medical reason.

Dr William Ellien

Dr William Ellien

Criminal case records show that Doctor William Ellien, a psychiatrist, routinely exchanged highly addictive prescription drugs for sex acts with various women for a period of at least three years, beginning in 2009.

Ellien, age 58, was once the medical director of Memorial Health Center Behavioral Health Program in Savannah. He is being held in federal custody, and could be sentenced to 20 years in prison and receive a $1,000,000 fine.

U. S. Attorney Edward Tarver made the following statement:

“This doctor violated his oath. He preyed upon patients and turned into a common criminal, all for his own personal gratification.  Whether street pushers or physicians, all drug dealers can expect that justice will be swift and the punishment will be severe.”

The Ellien case was presided over by U.S. District Judge William Moore. The lead prosecutor was Assistant U. S. Attorney, E. Greg Gilluly. We at Medical Miscreants thank them both.

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You might notice that Memorial Health’s website makes it a point to state that Doctor William Ellien is on a “Leave of Absence.”


They could of course write an article apologizing to their patients for inadvertently having a sexual predator on staff. No way. That isn’t how medicine is proffered in this country.

As long as healthcare continues to pretend the appalling volume of errant physicians is marginal, the miscreants will continue to find a nourishing garden of unwitting victims in which to thrive.

And have they ever.


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