Kansas MD Who Wrote Scripts to Imaginary Friends OK’d to Treat Patients in Another State

A doctor in Kansas who served time in federal prison for writing fake narcotic prescriptions will be allowed to regain his medical license in the state of Iowa.

Dr Steven D Ringel

Dr Steven D  Ringel

Doctor Steven D. Ringel, age 39, had worked as a family medical practitioner in the city of Atchison prior to his arrest in 2004. According to court records, Ringel was indicted and then convicted of writing more than 30,000 bogus narcotic prescriptions, at trial in 2005.

Pill Toss

During the trial, prosecutors proved that Ringel wrote prescriptions  for thousands of doses of addictive drugs to imaginary patients, then used the drugs himself or gave them to friends. He pleaded guilty in federal court to felony drug-conspiracy, and served 13 months in prison.

As part of his sentencing, Ringel underwent a professional assessment of his competency in 2010, after which the Iowa State Board of Medicine offered a temporary license. He is on a five-year conditional probation, which stipulates that he participate in an addiction program. Ringel must also be supervised by another physician.

Here’s a peek at the state medical board decision:  http://medicalboard.iowa.gov/Legal/Ringel,StevenD.,M.D.-02-2011-377.pdf

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