Another Day, Another Doctor-Fraudster Convicted – This One in Los Angeles

fraud doc steth art

In U.S. District Court in Los Angeles Doctor Sri Jayantha Wijegoonaratna has been found guilty of six felony counts of Health Care Fraud and another count of Conspiracy.

According to a U.S. Attorney press release, Wijegoonaratna, age 58, was a key player in an insurance scam with co-conspirators 48-year-old Heidi Morishita of Valencia, and 49-year-old Godwin Onyeabor of Ontario, who were also found guilty. The scam involved a number of crimes, including illegally prescribing expensive electric wheelchairs to patients who had no need for them, then billing Medicare for more than $1,500,000, in an ongoing insurance theft that began in January, 2007 and last for five years.

Wijegoonaratna was born in Sri Lanka and is now a resident of Anaheim Hills.

Investigators were able to prove that Onyeabor, a manager at Fendih Medical Supply in San Bernardino, paid cash kickbacks to Doctor Wijegoonaratna and Morishita in exchange for fraudulent prescriptions for medical equipment, including the wheelchairs, which generally cost more than $6,000 each.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles stated all three defendants could receive 10 year prison sentences for each count. They are scheduled to be sentenced in September.

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In keeping with his Third World Assassin status, Wijegoonaratna emigrated to the United States after graduating from Columbo University Medical School in Sri Lanka in 1980.

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