Another Day – Another ‘Trust Me’ Thief in a Lab Coat . . .

Louisiana specialist pleads guilty to health care fraud


Dr Lynn E. Foret

Dr Lynn E. Foret

At a press conference outside a U.S. District Court yesterday, Federal Prosecutor Stephanie Finley reported that a physician has pleaded guilty of insurance theft that netted him nearly a $1,000,000.

According to Prosecutor Finley, Doctor Lynn E. Foret, age 63 of Lake Charles, routinely and deliberately over-billed Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance payors, over a seven-year period between 2003-2009.

Finley stated that Foret would pretend to inject the knees of patients diagnosed with arthritis, with an expensive medication called Hyalgen. In fact, he administered a less effective, less costly steroid. He would then falsely bill for Hyalgen and profit from the difference.

Had he not stooped to flat-out greed, this clinic might have continued

Had he not stooped to flat-out greed, this clinic might have continued

The prosecution was able to prove that, “During the time period outlined in the complaint, this doctor was illegally reimbursed $948,249.11.”

Foret, who could get 10 years in federal prison, had been an orthopedic surgeon for 35 years. His clinic was shut down in December, 2012.

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Before he made the decision to become a thief, Foret MD was actually known for more noble accomplishments. He graduated from LSU Medical School in New Orleans in 1975, and things were looking up.

He was a member of the U.S. Army Medical Corp in Hawaii, Texas and Missouri. He was the President of the Southwest Louisiana Med School Alumni Association and was affiliated with Christus St. Patrick Hospital/Center for Orthopaedics, as well as Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Lake Charles.

 We at Medical Miscreants sincerely thank the following for their efforts in this case:

The Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, operated by the Louisiana State Attorney General; the FBI, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the Department of Health and Human Services – Office of Inspector General, lead in the investigation. Assistant U.S. Attorney Kelly Uebinger prosecuted the case.

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9 thoughts on “Another Day – Another ‘Trust Me’ Thief in a Lab Coat . . .

  1. Art & Design Inspiration says:

    Excellent weblog right here!

  2. Chan says:

    I have been to Dr. Foret in the past, and found him personable and very knowledgeable. Unfortunately, he had a gold-digging wife who worked as his office manager, and I would be willing to bet any amount of money this scheme originated with her. He was wrong for going along with it, but I can’t help but feel sorry for him as he goes to jail and she gets off scot-free to file divorce papers.

    • Chan –

      I fail to understand how you – or anyone else – can “feel sorry” for any physician who stuck hundreds of innocent people in the knees with extremely painful sharp objects – FOR MONEY.

      But then, they were not your knees, were they?

  3. Debra Perry says:

    If you would see where my 82 year old mother is today due to his misrepresentation of care, I wonder if you would still feel sorry for him. Now confined to a wheelchair after 10 years of deterioration due to the greed of this man, I have no sympathy for him. In fact, I hope he suffers immense long lasting pain months before his death.

    Debra Perry
    Lake Arthur, LA

  4. Deborah Soileau says:

    Regardless of the negative remarks about Dr. Foret which he admitted an pleaded guilty,he is a compassionate person. Don’ judge him by statements posted about him. Unless you lived in shoes, you have no idea what the circumstances are or were at the time.He only owes GOD for this injustice.He replaced a knee for me in 2003 and it is still working fine

    • Deborah Soileau said:

      “Regardless of the negative remarks about Dr. Foret which he admitted and pleaded guilty, he is a compassionate person.”

      In our view, a compassionate professional does not steal a million dollars from the American taxpayers.

      “Don’ judge him by statements posted about him.”

      We don’t. He has already been judged, based on HIS OWN statements.

      “You have no idea what the circumstances are or were at the time.”

      Yes, we do. The circumstances were that he lied to hundreds of patients for 7 years by telling them he was injecting a more expensive and safer medication (a natural substance called Hyaluronate) when in fact he was injecting a steroid, which has far more side effects. He put patients at risk in order to amass wealth.

      “He only owes GOD for this injustice.”

      Oh you are sooooo wrong. He didn’t stick God with needles and he didn’t steal money from God. He owes his patients.

      We suggest you get a grip on reality. We are very glad to hear that you were well-treated. But it is small-minded of you to think because your treatment was appropriate, that he could not be a crook. They say Hitler was a pretty nice grandfather, and Jeffery Dahmer was a pretty nice guy too, when he wasn’t eating his neighbors.

    • Debra Perry says:

      You’re kidding, right? Compassionate? Where was his compassion when my mother struggled to walk in and out of his office to get fake injections? Where was his compassion when she silently cried with pain from useless injections?

      Owe God AND his patients! I finally gave up running the tally of expenditures due to his negligence. Let me give you a better idea of what we are still fighting due to that criminal.

      Let’s start with the first knee surgery. Notice I said the FIRST surgery!

      Then Mom contracted MRSA from that surgery. She was sent home only to return for a SECOND surgery. Foret did not remove the artificial but instead decided just to open up the knee and scrub around it.

      Since Mom was in so much pain, she stayed in the hospital. What do you know! The MRSA had moved into her bones so a THIRD surgery had to be done. Foret did not have the compassion to come tell us that Mom’s vitals were critical. A nurse, a very ANGRY nurse, came out to tell us ‘what was going on back there’, further stating that she had never seen such a messed up procedure!

      Three months later, my mom was finally released from the hospital and rehab. The harsh medications needed to treat MRSA compromised her kidneys. We fight that to this day, 10 YEARS LATER! All because of Foret’s greed.

      She lives in constant pain due to his negligence, so her family doesn’t get to enjoy her company as much as we’d like to.. She’s spent plenty on deductibles and transportation cost. We’ve had to modify her home to ease the hardship from lack of full mobility. Lack of mobility equals weight gain equals more pressure on her knee and the cycle just keeps getting longer and longer!

      You getting the picture yet? Foret is a crook. A heartless low life who got off way too easy!

      Debra A Perry
      Lake Arthur, LA

  5. fruli1979 says:

    This man is, in my opinion, psychopath that likes to “play God” with his patients. He has maimed numerous people. Why? Because he could. Who wouldn’t trust a prestigious doctor? Good thing he was so greedy fleecing insurance companies and got caught so he cant hurt anyone else.

  6. fruli1979 says:

    He should pay DEARLY for the agony and misery that he caused numerous people. This stuff is just the tip of the Iceberg..I’m sure the public won’t be made aware of how many people he crippled while under his “care”. I hope that someone decides to play God with him during his final days to show him how it feels to be at the mercy of a doctor that he trusts thst has NO REGARD for him whatsoever. At least with a felony he won’t be able to practice medicine. I guess the only positive thing is that he can’t hurt anyone else by grossly neglecting them until they are near death. Burn in hell you charlatan.

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