Doctor Dressed as Cartoon Character Arrested With a Burrito in His Tights

Medical Maniac Flashback – Seven Years Ago This Month:


Doctor Captain America

Doctor Captain America

We suspect Doctor Raymond Adamcik of Florida has tried hard to forget the weekend he got arrested for Drug Possession, Battery, Disorderly Conduct and Attempt  to Destroy Evidence, all in one hour. Not the behavior most folks expect from a doctor.

Of course we expect it, but then we happen to look for it for a living.

It seems that one Saturday night a costume party full of medical types stopped off at a place in Melbourne called the On Tap Cafe.  Police said Adamcik, age 54 at the time, who was dressed as – yes, you’re reading this right – Captain America, had a burrito stuffed in the crotch of his tights (no word on whether it was spicy) and went around the room asking women if they wanted to touch it. When two woman refused, he reached between their legs and groped them.

The unnamed women called police who, upon arrival, discovered “there were so many cartoon characters in the bar at the time, they were all ordered outside for questioning.”

One woman who had been assaulted pointed out Adamcik, who had retucked the burrito back into his costume. At that point he was handcuffed and driven to the Melbourne police station. There, while in a holding cell, police said, he was witnessed trying to flush a few marijuana cigarettes down the toilet.

Even with his Captain America superpowers, however, it still took him a while to get out of jail on bail.

In the end, Raymond Adamcik was fired by his clinic, but spared further jail time. He was sentenced to a diversion program and community service.

Did the Florida State Medical Board suspend his medical license?

They never even considered it.

Because in the scheme of things, a woman-groping, burrito-sporting drunk doctor on drugs in public?

Why, that wouldn’t even make the Top 20 Medical Miscreant list in any given state, let alone Florida, which spawns some seriously tweaked MDs indeed.

Here’s the police report:

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5 thoughts on “Doctor Dressed as Cartoon Character Arrested With a Burrito in His Tights

  1. dvb t says:

    Hello. Fantastic job. This is a fantastic story. Thanks!

  2. yuonne says:

    We absolutely love your blog. Do you allow guest writers? I wouldn’t mind elaborating on some of the subjects you write about. Again, awesome website!

  3. Dan says:

    I recall a message on my answering machine many years ago. It was from my Dr’s office asking me if I would like to reschedule with another physician. They never did say why my regular doctor was unavailable, only that other arrangements would need to be made. Later, after watching the evening news, I understood why. I was never particularly impreseed.with the guy, but I was pretty healthy and he was local and in my insurance network. After having dated a few nurses and listening to them vent about work, (and they do) it would appear that the Captain’s exploits, while pathetic and mildly amusing, weren’t even in the top ten. Just goes to show that an education and a title doesn’t really have anything to do with quality of character or even competency. I now wonder what will remain after the would be God-King Obama’s ego driven, unworkable, absurdity of a healthcare law drives what few good doctors that remain out of business. Good times to come as the comical farce that was Mike Judd’s movie “Idiocrasy” is remembered as a documentary.

  4. […] a diversion program and community service. He is still practicing medicine in the Melbourne area. (Source | […]

  5. […] a diversion program and community service. He is still practicing medicine in the Melbourne area. (Source | […]

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