Physician Who Murdered His Wife Says He Deserves to be Set Free

Dr Zakaria Oweiss

Dr Zakaria Oweiss

A Washington DC area doctor, found guilty 10 years ago of beating his wife to death, is petitioning the court for early release from prison.

Attorneys for Doctor Zacharia Oweiss, who is now 68 years old, have told the court their client has been a “model prisoner” and authors a “medical advice” column for the prison newspaper. Oweiss’ lawyer Michael Lytle told the court that the doctor has already been punished enough; that his sentence should be cut short because of his exemplary behavior and poor health. Lytle reports Oweiss suffers from heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Prosecutor Donna Fenton countered the argument by repeating the brutal details of the crime. An enraged Oweiss attacked his wife Marianne, the mother of their two sons, with a large rubber mallet, crushing her skull with “at least seven hammer blows to the head.”


During the trial, the OB/Gyn specialist accused his own 22-year old son Omar of the murder. The jury didn’t buy the story, largely because witnesses saw Oweiss pacing the driveway with a bloody mallet in his hand immediately after the attack.

According to Prosecutor Donna Fenton, “This man deserves every minute of his 30- year sentence.”

No date has yet been set for a decision on Oweiss’ case.

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In keeping with his ‘Third World Assassin” status, Oweiss emigrated from Egypt after having attended medical school at the University of Alexandria, Faculty of

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