Michael Jackson’s Former Doctor: Is There a Worse Example of a HealthCare Provider on the Planet?

Anderson Cooper C Murray

When famed CNN reporter Anderson Cooper decided to interview Conrad Murray from his jail cell in Los Angeles, he was already aware that the man had a major leak in his brain pan.

The purpose of the interview – according to Anderson – was to get Murray’s thoughts on the upcoming jury trial of entertainment giant AEG, which is being sued by the Jackson family for “negligence” in the death of the famous musician.

It is the contention of Michael Jackson’s mother that AEG was careless when they hired Murray, and that they failed to “supervise” the doctor, who was Jackson’s personal physician during the grueling lead-up to the “This is It!” concert series in London.

Murray with a girlfriend and one of his seven children

Murray with a girlfriend and one of his seven children

But the interview was suddenly cut short when the daffy doc elected to break into a weird song called “The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot.”

“He’s a little boy that Santa Claus forgot and goodness knows he did not want a lot.

He wrote a note to Santa for some crayons and a toy.

It broke his little heart when he found Santa hadn’t come.

In the streets he envied all the lucky boys

But goodness knows he didn’t want a lot

I’m so sorry for that laddie who hasn’t got a daddy

He’s a little boy that Santa Claus forgot.”

Now, any normal person would suspect Murray was singing about the dead pop star, whose life was cut short by a month-long drug binge, thanks to Murray and his late-night propofol games.

No. Madman Murray was singing about himself.


“That song tells my story,” Murray told  CNN. “That’s how I grew up. I had no Christmases. I had no toys. I had nothing…. But as I grew up, my heart has been whole. And my heart says to help.”

What happens when a drug addict hires a drug dealer?

What happens when a drug addict hires a drug dealer?

His heart says to “help?”

How exactly did he help Michael Jackson?

Murray feels sorry for himself?

Reality Check: Murray feels sorry for himself?

He did so by prostituting his profession. He did so by agreeing to be Jackson’s in-house legal drug pimp.

For a fee of $5,000 a night, Murray ran one of the most dangerous drugs on the planet into his mentally unstable “patient.”

In the words of Doctor Nader Kamangar, a UCLA sleep expert who testified at the trial:

“There is a long list of instances of Murray’s extreme deviation from the standards of medical care, including his waiting 20 minutes to call paramedics, as well as lying to the rescuers once they arrived.”

By the use of telephone records, the prosecution was able to prove that the errant Murray was chatting with a girlfriend on the phone in another room, when Jackson took his last breath.

“This doctor’s behavior on the morning of Jackson’s death is beyond comprehension,” Kamangar said. “It is frankly disturbing.”

*           *          *

Our Observation:

We suspect Doctor Conrad Murray’s behavior was “disturbing” a long, long time before the morning Michael Jackson died.

But as is so often the case with lab coat lunatics, nobody was brave enough to step forward and speak up.

That’s what we’re here for.

Here’s more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/03/anderson-cooper-conrad-murray-song_n_3008599.html

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