Cops Use a Dog X-Ray to Nab Goofy Doctor Drug-Pusher

Whenever we give talks or radio interviews on the subject of  “America’s Dumbest Doctors” we are invariably told by at least one person in the audience, that doctors are too smart for idiotic behavior.



The good news was that the patient who walked into Doctor Rolando Atiga’s clinic in Glendale, California, already had an x-ray of her injured back, to justify her need for painkillers. That would certainly save the doctor’s time.

The weird news was that the skeleton on the x-ray was not human.

“But doctor, why do I have a tail?”

The Twilight Zone news was that Atiga put the x-ray up against the glass; pointed out the area of injury of the “woman’s” backbone, and explained to her why she was in need of serious narcotics.


We think that he might also – being an experienced medical expert and all – have taken the time to explain why his patient had a tail, which was clearly visible, attached to the woman’s tushy.

“But . . . But, don’t all women have tails?”

But noooo.

Well, you can guess what happened next. L. A. County deputies raided the Glendora urgent care clinic of the 69-year-old doctor con-man. They had been investigating Atiga’s drug-pushing habits for two months. They sent three undercover deputies posing as patients into the clinic, and yes, one of them had an x-ray of her own German shepherd.

Glendora police Captain Timothy Staab reported that Atiga was well-known to law enforcement as the “go-to” guy among drug addicts in southern California.

Atiga awaits trial.

*          *          *

Our Observations:

Atiga MD’s freaky antics are funny enough for prime time. But just for the record, when it comes to the stunning range and amount of mental midgetry in medicine, this loon in a lab coat doesn’t even make the Top 10 Ten wacko list. Smarter than the rest of us? You be the judge.

Also, it bears noting that Rolando Atiga’s joins a list of thousands of other immigrant physicians who believe U.S. healthcare is easy pickings. Atiga attended Manila Central University-Filemon D Tanchoco Foundation, College Of Medicine and graduated in 1967.

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