And the Hits Just Keep Oooonnnnn Coming . . .

Every month in the United States of America, 200 more doctors find it impossible to toe the ethical line. For each court calendar date of the week, another 10 physicians are found culpable of Felony-level misbehavior.

We thought you might be interested in a quick peak at some of the Medical Miscreants that are crossing our desk these days.  Here is a smattering – but by no means all – of some of them, in no particular order:


Doctor Eric Barker
Doctor William Phillips
Doctor Augustus Ohemeng
Doctor Henry Joseph Battagliola
Doctor Mark Cukierman
Doctor Kyun Sein Ho
Doctor Edward Jose Mila Prats
Doctor Decontee Fletcher
Doctor Rafi Ron-El
Doctor Fernando Gonzalez-Ramos
Doctor Brian Galofaro
Doctor Ali Salim
Doctor Omar Jaraki
Doctor Shah Mane
Doctor Jeffrey Find
Doctor Roberto E. Rivera
Doctor Hugo Alvarez
Doctor John A. Sanacore
Doctor Nana Mimura
Doctor Brian Altman
Doctor Pete Thomas
Doctor Mary Ann Benigno
Doctor Arnold Roth
Doctor Lawrence Rouben
Doctor Haram Paul Garg
Doctor Scott Weldon
Doctor Tiffany Aiello
Doctor Kristin Lynes Howard
Doctor Frank Telang
Doctor Fitzgerald Anthony Hudson
Doctor Kenneth Seen
Doctor Julio Diaz
Doctor Sang Hyuk Park
Doctor Debra McKenzie
Doctor Fred M. Weintraub
Doctor David Van de Loo
Doctor Richard Rydze
Doctor James A. Hargroder
Doctor Marvin Bonham
Doctor Norman F. Williams
Doctor Mark Weinberger
Doctor Mary Ann Gardner
Doctor Okan Umana
Doctor Melvin Cwibeker
Doctor Richard Hurwitz
Doctor Shimon Metz
Doctor Mark Samuel
Doctor Leonard Joachim
Doctor Sri J. Wijegunaratne
Doctor Sergei Shushunov
Doctor David R. Hillam
Doctor Kevin Pezeshki
Doctor Hicham Elhorr
Doctor Tory Z. Westbrook
Doctor George Mariano Sandoz
Doctor Norman F. Williams
Doctor Jimmy Acklin
Doctor Murali Krishna Aalabasavaraja
Doctor Jerome A. Sherard
Doctor Kevin Pezeshki
Doctor Michael Berkland
Doctor Anthony Choe
Doctor Daniel Baldi
Doctor Isaias Lerner
Doctor Hubert Watty
Doctor Richard Lieberman
Doctor Arnold Serkin
Doctor Vikul Patel
Doctor Marcia Sills
Doctor Gabriel Sanchez
Doctor Michael Fronstin
Doctor Adeline Essian
Doctor Khanh Van Kim Duong
Doctor Thomas Rodenberg
Doctor Mobolaji Ogunsakin
Doctor Tory Westbrook
Doctor Irving Schwartz
Doctor William Lagrada
Doctor Emmanuel Nwora
Doctor James Peter Yhip
Doctor Vinay Bararia
Doctor Samuel J. Christian
Dodtor Joel Miller
Doctor Randy Spicer
Doctor Thomas Michael Dixon
DoctorRolando Lodevico Atiga
Doctor James Murphy
Doctor Carl Schiano
Doctor Gregory A. Hayes
Doctor Paul David Hite
Doctor Richard Buxman
Doctor Segun Raskaki
Doctor Lance Everett Wyatt
Doctor Carl G. Koplin
Doctor Lisa Tseng
Doctor Shawn Trask
Doctor Navin Zala
Doctor Anthony Monteleone
Doctor David Walter Massie
Doctor Joseph Buffalino
Doctor Jeffrey Feldman DUI
Doctor Michael Ossivero


Still think we’re kidding?

Exaggerating the extent of lab coat lunacy, are we?

Here’s a tip: Get yourself informed before one of these nuts starts walking towards you with a needle.

Book Cover

Sadder than expected; funnier than it ought to be

Here’s a quick way to get it. Then you can laugh till you cry . . . .

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