Doctor in Georgia ‘Guilty’ in Drugs-for-Sex Hobby

Dr William Ellien

Dr William Ellien

Board Certification: Psychiatry
Graduate: Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia
Chairman, Psychiatric Dept., Memorial Health University Medical Center; Medical Director, Center for Behavioral Medicine; Chairman, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences and Associate Professor in Psychiatry, Mercer University School of Medicine.


In Savannah Federal Court a psychiatrist has changed his ‘not guilty’ plea of multiple felonies, to ‘guilty.’ His crimes include prescribing drugs for no medical purpose.

Doctor William Ellien, age 57, changed his plea before Judge William Moore.

A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s office reported their investigation revealed Ellien would regularly exchange narcotics prescriptions for sex acts, with numerous women, over a four-year period beginning in 2009. Ellien remains in federal custody and is facing a 20-year prison sentence.

According to U.S. Attorney Edward Tarver, “This doctor violated his oath, preyed upon patients, and turned into a common criminal, all for his own personal gratification. Whether street pushers or physicians, all drug dealers can expect that justice will be swift and the punishment will be severe.”

In 2011, the Georgia Medical Society named Ellien a “health care hero” for conducting and sponsoring activities that improved the community’s quality of life.

Memorial Health

In a related case, Memorial Health now faces a lawsuit for failing to report Ellien. Five women claim that Ellien used his position at Memorial Health to prey on them, and take advantage of their need for painkillers.

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Our Observation:

We took a peak at Memorial Health’s interactive website, listed below. We notice that the conviction of a hospital department head on a ‘sex-for-drugs’ scheme isn’t important enough to make their News scroll.

We find this omission curious, because their news motto, right at the top of the page, states this:

“Empower yourself with knowledge.”

Unfortunately, Memorial Health believes your knowledge shouldn’t include patient awareness of  Medical Miscreants on their staff.

Let’s not give patients too much ’empowerment,’ lest they start thinking on their own.

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