Two More Foreign Drug-dealers Put Out of Business

In Manhattan Federal Court, two New York City physicians have been found guilty of narcotic drug trafficking.

The doctors, both internal medicine specialists, were tried in separate cases.

They immigrate to the U.S. because plundering the system is easy

They immigrate to the U.S. because plundering the healthcare billing system is easy

In the first case, Doctor Felix A. Rodriguez changed his not guilty plea to guilty, in distributing more than 1,000 Oxycondone tablets. The Court record shows that Rodriguez, age 52, provided bogus narcotic prescriptions to “patients” whom he had never met. The prosecution was able to prove that when Rodriguez would write these prescritions, he was well aware his actions were in violation federal and state law.

Rodriguez could receive a 20-year prison term.

In the second case, Doctor Roberto Aymat, age 44, who is also an internal medicine practitioner, was found guilty of conspiracy, in a Medicare Fraud scheme. Aymat and others billed Medicare for medications that were never administered, or drugs that were administered but were medically unnecessary. They stole $8.5 million, using HIV/AIDS scam clinics in New York.

Federal prosecutors showed that between January ’07 and April ’09, Aymat and his co-conspirators billed Medicare for more than 10 times the number of units of narcotics they actually purchased.

Aymat faces a 50-year maximum sentence.


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Our Observations:

In keeping with their status as Third World Assassins, it is notable that Roberto Aymat graduated from the Universidad Central Del Caribe School of Medicine in 1992.

Felix Rodriguez received his medical degree from the Universitade Central Del Este, Escuela De Medicina, San Pedro De MacOris.

Both physicians found immigrating to the United States extremely easy, and found plundering the healthcare payor systems was even easier. The word is out all over the world: get a medical degree; move to the U.S. and start pushing “legal” drugs.

And if you don’t get too greedy, you probably won’t get caught. Even if you do get caught, you’ll never be deported. The U.S. does not deport criminal doctors.

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3 thoughts on “Two More Foreign Drug-dealers Put Out of Business

  1. Laurence says:


    I’ve been trying to get more info. about Dr. Roberto Aymat that was scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Daniel on June 18, 2013.

    Does any one knows the results?

    • Jeff says:

      Hi Laurence, I don’t have any answers either but I too have been trying to find more information about Roberto. He was my doctor for many years and was very good.

  2. Mitch Portnoy says:

    Dr. R. Aymat did not emigrate as he was American to begin with.

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