New Jersey MD Admits Seeking a Hit-Man to Kill Three People

In TRENTON New Jersey, state Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa told reporters that a Jersey City physician has changed his not guilty plea to guilty, to two counts of Attempted Murder.

Dr Ajit Jayaram

Dr Ajit Jayaram in custody after authorities thwarted his serial killing plan

According to the initial indictment,  Doctor Ajit Jayaram, age 65, tried two different times to hire a contract killer to murder his secret girlfriend and a previous business partner. He also pleaded guilty to Medicaid Fraud.

During a healthcare fraud investigation referred to as Operation Medscam, investigators determined that Jayaram had attempted to hire a man to kill his girlfriend, Radha Ramaswamy, and a pharmacist, Mukhtar Ahmed. Court records show that Jayaram had borrowed $250,000 from Ramaswamy and believed the woman was about to reveal their affair to his wife.

The doctor and the pharmacist had once been in a failed business relationship, and were recently involved in ongoing disputes over the woman.

Jayaram, MD was originally taken into custody in October, 2010. While still in jail, he tried to hire another man to kill his wife, Sarasavani. Investigators suspected that Jayaram believed his wife was close to discovering his affair, and would leave him and take his money. At that point, the doctor wanted all three people dead.

Attorney General Paula Dow said this about Jayaram:

“It is common for fraud investigations to lead to evidence of other types of crime, but there is nothing common about this doctor. While already in jail on two counts of attempted murder, he tried to hire a man to kill his wife.

“This indictment suggests that nothing was beyond the realm of this doctor: not Medicaid fraud, not drug dealing, and not attempting to have those closest to him murdered,” said Attorney General Dow. “Our investigators put a stop to a very dangerous man.”

Jayaram, a kidney specialist by training, is scheduled to be sentenced in April.

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Our Observations:

In keeping with his status as yet another Third World Assassin, Jayaram graduated from Government Medical College Aurangabad, Maharashtra University, New Delhi, India and subsequently immigrated to the U.S. It wasn’t long before he started in on his lab coat life of crime:

>  Distribution of a controlled dangerous substances

>  Narcotic sales within 500 feet of a public building

>  Distribution of narcotics within 1,000 feet of a school

>  Three counts of Attempted Murder

>  One count of Conspiracy to Commit Murder

>  Making Terroristic Threats

>  Witness Tampering

Question: When this scourge-on-society medical misfit is released from prison, do you suspect he might be deported from the country he preyed on? Might that not be the proper way to protect the citizenry?

Answer: Not a chance. The United States does not deport murderous physicians. We give them a slap on the tushy and relicense them in another state, where they can continue on their merry way.

And we are being UN-believably stupid.

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2 thoughts on “New Jersey MD Admits Seeking a Hit-Man to Kill Three People

  1. Jensen says:

    You are a idiot! Journalists like you should be deported to the moon for making racist comments. He may be a US citizen, did you even bother to inquire you box of rocks? If he is indeed a US citizen then he’s American just as you and I. Do me a favor bang your head on the wall till you get some sense

    • Poor Jensen. He tries so hard to wrap his brain around logic.

      This particular urban gorilla in a lab coat is a “naturalized” citizen. If you did your homework before you started your bird-brain yammering, you might have stumbled upon this little immigration reality, complements of the Supreme Court:

      “Although rare, it is possible for a naturalized U.S. citizen to have his or her citizenship stripped through a process called “denaturalization.” Former citizens who are denaturalized are subject to removal (deportation) from the United States.”

      And it is our belief that any imbecilic immigrant who decides to start KILLING people – should be booted out of this country.

      What twisted bit of thinking has gotten you to defend this Third World Assassin? Would you want him as YOUR neighbor?

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