Fake Marijuana Prescription Scam = Jail Time for Detroit Physician

Dr Lois Butler-Jackson: Not what you thought a drug-dealer looks like?

Dr Lois Butler-Jackson: Not what you thought a drug-dealer looks like?

In the state of Michigan, a Detroit-area physician who conspired to sell medical marijuana prescriptions out the back door of an appliance store, has been found guilty.

Doctor Lois Butler-Jackson, age 52, was convicted by a Macomb County Circuit Court jury of Health Care Fraud and Conspiracy.

According to investigators, Butler-Jackson violated the law that required her to establish a doctor-patient relationship and assess patients’ medical histories.

Our Legal Drug Cartels kill 250 citizens each day

Our Legal Drug Cartels kill 250 citizens each day

Instead, according to Assistant County Prosecutor William Dailey, “She abused her power and authority for money. This was a scam and fraud, taking advantage of the Medical Marijuana Act.”

Prosecutors demonstrated to the jury that Butler-Jackson sold Medical Marijuana certificates for $100 each to a local store owner named Brian Deloose, who in turn resold them for $250 at his “Safe Access Clinic” at the rear of his appliance store. Detectives believe at least 300 certificates were sold.

Detectives working undercover and posing as “patients” were easily able to buy certificates, already signed by Butler-Jackson, without ever meeting with the doctor and demostrating medical need.

Until her arrest, Butler-Jackson was employed by Sentinel Wound Care Associates as a home-care physician in the city of Clinton. She was affiliated with St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Pontiac.

St Joseph Mercy Hospital, Oakland, Michigan

The doctor is scheduled to be sentenced March 5th. She is facing a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.


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Our Observations:

Until she decided to become a drug-dealer, Butler-Jackson was a specialist in Internal Medicine. She is a 1987 graduate of the College Of Human Medicine, Michigan State University.

We suspect that neither the alumni of MSU, nor the hospital, are not particularly proud of her contributions to community health.

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