California MD Gets Slap on the Hand for Patient Sexual Assaults

Dr Yashwant B Giri

Dr Yashwant B Giri

In Orange County California Superior Court a physician has changed his not guilty plea to guilty, to the charges of sexually assaulting three female patients while under sedation.

Doctor Yaswant Balgiri Giri, a 60-year-old  anesthesiologist at Placentia-Linda Hospital, pleaded guilty to the following:

  • Felony Sexual Assault on a patient
  • Felony Sexual Penetration with a foreign object on an unconscious person
  • Sexual Penetration of a minor girl
  • Sexual Battery by Fraud
  • Misdemeanor Sexual Assault on an adult woman

The district attorney’s office in Orange County reported that the first sexual assault was witnessed by a surgical nurse. According to court records, the nurse later reported the incident to hospital management, who in turn apparently did not report the incident to law enforcement.

Dr Boston Globe Page

Allowing healthcare to ‘police’ itself is ridiculous

In a separate incident, another hospital staff member interviewed by detectives testified that he once looked in on a surgery to see Giri groping a woman’s breasts beneath a surgical drape, which prevented other staff members in the room from seeing what he was doing. This resulted in a second report to Placentia-Linda Hospital management, who then did notify the Placentia Police Department.

Another woman, age 28, told investigators that Giri sexually assaulted her just prior to her surgery at Placentia-Linda Hospital in April, 2010.

As an anesthesiologist who worked primarily at Placentia-Linda Hospital, Giri also worked at other medical facilities in the area, including Anaheim Medical Center; West Anaheim Medical Center, and Lakewood Medical Center. 

For their failure to report Giri’s first incident to law enforcement, Placentia-Linda Hospital was fined $50,000 by the California Public Health Department.

For sexually assaulting three surgical patients, Giri MD was ordered to serve six months in jail.

Deputy D. A. Cynthia Nichols objected to the bizarre light sentence. She argued that the doctor’s behavior merited the maximum sentence of eight years in state prison. She stated that Giri violated his position of power and sexually assaulted patients while they were unconscious and at their most vulnerable.

Note how hidden an anesthesiologist can be, from the standpoint of the surgeon and nurses

Note how hidden an anesthesiologist can be, from the standpoint of the surgeon and nurses

Because of Giri MDs repeated history, those with  information, or who think they may have been a victim, are encouraged to call D.A. Investigator Lou Gutierrez:  (714) 347-8794.

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In keeping with our definition of “Third World Assassin” this particular medical miscreant graduated from M P Shah Medical College, Saurashtra University in India, in 1977. He immigrated and was welcomed to the U.S. to provide health care to the citizenry. As so many thousands of other, Giri found American healthcare provided a perfect cover for his perversions. We suspect this character had been groping unconcious patients for years – women who have no idea they were violated.


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  1. More third world assassins (still Licensed to Practice Medicine while appealing his Felony Conviction):

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