You’d Think They’d Learn: Another Drug Dealer Goes Down

Dr Linda Sue Cheek

Dr Linda Sue Cheek

In a Roanoke, Virginia federal court a New River Valley pain-management physician has been found guilty of illegally prescribing drugs.

The jury convicted Doctor Linda Sue Cheek, age 63, on 172 separate crimes on Thursday. She was arrested and then indicted last year for  prescribing the drugs from her Dublin clinic with no valid Drug Enforcement Administration permission number; as well as illegally using a DEA number belonging to another doctor.

Court records reveal that the prosecutors proved Cheek was distributing numerous pain medications – primarily morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone and methadone – without a valid DEA certificate.

Cheek lost her license as the result of her convictions of Medicare fraud in 2008. She regained her medical license to treat patients, but was not legally allowed to prescribe narcotics. She continued to do so anyway.

Cheek told the court that the Virginia State Medical Board’s revocation of her medical license was,  “part of a broader government effort to prevent me from helping people in need.”

She is scheduled to be sentenced in June.

(We thank those who conducted this joint effort of the DEA; the Department of Health & Human Services; the Virginia State Police; the Office of the Attorney General, Commonwealth of Virginia and the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. Assistant U. S. Attorney Jennie Waering and Special Assistant U. S. Attorney Vaso T. Doubles prosecuted the case.)

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Our Observations:

The following quotes were taken from this doctor’s own website:

“I’m not a bad doctor. I’m a good doctor. The basic thing is I have a target on my back because I treat pain.”

No, actually, you got a target on your back when you decided to steal from a federal insurance provider. Big mistake.

And then there’s this:

“Treating doctors like they are Colombian drug lords has got to stop.”

When doctors stop acting like “drug lords” these investigations won’t be necessary.

Until then, we’re watching your ever step.

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One thought on “You’d Think They’d Learn: Another Drug Dealer Goes Down

  1. Fred Seller says:

    Neither Cheek nor her court-appointed attorney offered a word of defense in her 8 day Feb 2013 trial. They dragged out Sentencing until Oct where she fired atty and went pro-se and cried for 2 days denying each of 172 counts. Was offered a chance to start serving time in June by judge and refused! After getting a “significantly reduced sentence” (33 mo) vs federal recommended standards of 11-14 yrs, she was immediately taken into custody and after less than 2 wks in incarceration, has filed TWO (2) 4th Circuit Court Appeals and requests another new taxpayer funded attorney to represent her. See USDOJ site: – case 7:12-cr-40 and 7:08-cr-00012–GEC for over a dozen documents filed by Cheek since Nov 5-7 2013. Seems her idea of going to prison to “save souls” before pending “End of Times” has soured.

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