Kentucky Doctor Admits Secretly Filming Teenage Girl

Dr Jeffrey Dardinger

Dr Jeffrey Dardinger

In the northern Kentucky city of Florence a 42-year old physician has pleaded guilty to secretly videotaping a young girl in his home in Amberly Village, a suburb of Cincinnati.

Hamilton County Court records show that Doctor Jeffrey Dardinger, who was employed by Radiologist Associates of Northern Kentucky, was indicted on the charge of “possessing or viewing child pornography” in October 2010.

The investigation of Dardinger, who specialized in radiology, was conducted by the Amberley Village Police Department, which received a complaint against Dardinger almost two years ago. According to their statement, Dardinger “recklessly possessed or viewed material or performance that showed a minor in a state of nudity. This material constitutes a lewd exhibition and depicts a graphic focus on the genitals.”

No information about the girl has been released, but an unnamed police officer close to the investigation said the victim was a teenager.

Until his arrest, Dardinger was Vice Chairman of Radiology at Saint Elizabeth Hospital in Edgewood.

Under standard sentencing guidelines, Dardinger could have been sentenced to 12 months in jail. Instead, a judge gave the doctor three years of community service Tuesday. He was placed on supervised probation and must register as a sex offender.

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Jeffrey Dardinger, MD graduated from Northeastern Ohio University College Of Medicine in 1995. He is board certified in diagnostic radiology.

Dardinger is the 27th doctor to be convicted of secretly filming nude individuals over the last five years.

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