DEA Nabs Another Drug-Dealing MD-Fraudster

Dr Oliver W Herndon

Dr Oliver W Herndon

An FBI press release in September, 2012, advises citzens that a McMurray, Pennsylvania physician was found guilty of multiple charges of narcotic prescription violations and health care fraud.

Doctor Oliver W. Herndon, age 40, was then sentenced by U. S. District Judge Arthur Schwabin
to 11 years in federal prison.

Assistant U. S. Attorney Stephen Kaufman, who prosecuted the case, stated that Herndon, MD, prescribed literally thousands of doses of addictive painkillers to “patients outside of the legitimate course of medical practice.”

Herndon’s drug scam netted him more than $1,000,000 over a three-year period.

Had the doctor not gotten so greedy, his drug-dealing might never have been noticed. But in his rush to amass wealth from his pill distribution scam, he had taken to routinely “examining” up to 120 “patients” a day – as many as 15 people an hour. The end result was that nearly 100 local pharmacies refused to fill prescriptions for what was clearly a steady stream of drug addicts and drug dealers, with notes from the same pill provider.

Herndon’s Fraud conviction stemmed from his billing insurance carriers for the narcotics, as well as billing for thousands of unnecessary office visits.

U.S. Atty David Hickton: "Herndon flooded the streets with narcotics."

U.S. Atty David Hickton: “This doctor was flooding the streets with pills.”

Herndon’s clinic in Peters Township had been the subject of a DEA agent raid in February, 2012.

In closing, the FBI Press Release said this:

“Addressing the problem of prescription drug abuse is one of our highest priorities, by targeting the illegal supply chain at every level, from legitimate medical providers to illegal traffickers,” said U.S. Attorney Hickton. “We are committed to identifying, investigating, and vigorously prosecuting these criminals who prey upon the addicted and threaten the safety of our communities.”

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Before he opted for a life of crime Doctor Oliver Herndon was a graduate of Stanford University Medical School in 1996, and continued his training at UCLA.

We’re guessing the boards of regents at these schools are less than proud of his contributions to community health.

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